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Brilhart ‘Level-Air 5*’ Tenor, 1973 Ser#73,173 – 0.089″

$169.00 - This mpc is a nice free blowing mpc with a tip measuring 0.089". Tooth pad in excellent shape. It blows easy and with a big sound with heavy mid tones for a metal, cliff-style baffle. Vertical denim table marks date it to the 70s as well. These are made of stainless steel.
Currently paired with the original ligature and cap (these are often lost and someone may try to separate these from me).

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Buescher 1945 ‘400 – “Top Hat & Cane”‘ Eb Alto, #304k

$2,299.00 - A gorgeous Buescher TH&C alto here. These are less common to come available for sale and once you hear and feel this one, you'll know why. Paired with a good mouthpiece, these have great intonation, evenness in tone, and a warm, fat, melodic tone that is tied the Buescher's pinnacle and the big bell on this model. The older pads on this sax have tons of life left, minor tune-ups were done and few more that are included with the price. The sax plays to low Bb easily. Notable mentions: one shipping-damage repair was done here to the octave linkage to replace the lever.
CASE: Comes with original red case in ok/good shape (all latches work etc).
I'm more than happy to queue up a Sound File to prove this baby plays lusciously.
Item #: ConsBG.1W8.0W1.00.10101.7-C20

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Selmer ‘”Soloist E”‘ Alto, 1950s Short Scroll Shank – 0.079″

$999.00 - Very rare, desirable "Soloist E" + single screw ligature!!! Made of excellent hard rubber, these mouthpieces have the horseshoe chamber and offer a clean, warm, vintage tone that can do many genres - that's probably helped the demand go up.
The tip measures 0.079" (+) and is a bit on the [larger] side for most alto players. Good for legit, concert band, or orchestra work, or subtle, vintage jazz, lead alto or solo work! I bought this from a friend who had it with her Super Balance Action (SBA) alto that she was the second owner of; it's likely that she may have had this as the original mouthpiece that was paired with her 1950s SBA.
LIGATURE and CAP: vintage single-screw ligature ($+100) and cap. I don't really plan to split these up.
Item: WWS2.0W0.0W0.7181.7-C30

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King 1939 ‘Zephyr’ Eb Alto, Series II #216k

$1,599.00 - Original lacquer finish at 90%, Matching serial number 216k on the neck and body. This horn has a very nice, sweet tone.
It does have a few scratches shown in the photos. No known resolders to mention. You may notice the two different hues of lacquer (bell vs bow), and I have seen this before on Super 20s; I see this trait as fully original. (See my WWS Zephyr Special with the similar trait.)
I love Kings; and these models surely hold their own for those with an ear like mine.
CASE: Original case in great condition. (missing one corner of leather cap)
PADS: Rebuilt elsewhere with tan pads and plastic resos (vintage Selmer style).

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Cannonball 2007 ‘Big Bell Stone Series – Raven’ Eb Alto, Black Nickel #122k

REDUCED $1,449.00 - Who doesn't love the look of black nickel, much less matte black? I will confess that this sax has a tone that lives up to the "big bell" name. There is a nice mid-core resonance that mellows out the tone from other modern textures. It still contains the modern punch with the clarity and the metal resonators help that too.
Comes with TWO Necks, silver one for more clarity and ring, the black matte one for a softer, mellow tone. The bell lip has some wear that I'll call attention to. 
Model info from
(A5-BICEB) Big Bell Stone Series Alto (Raven)
Iced Black-Nickel Body / Polished Black-Nickel Keys
CASE: - Yes. Original hard case in Ok shape (took some wear on the outside and latches). Fully functional.
Cosmetic Rating: 7.7
The sax arrived as a trade in on the original factory pads and play well enough that we only did minor tuneups to the sax. It's ready to be enjoyed! - PC Work Complete.
Item #:WWS1E0.0E1.44.9121.7-C60

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King 1940 ‘Zephyr Special’ Eb Alto, #223k

$3,499.00 - Collector Alert!: Original Sax, with "Zephyr Special" mouthpiece, case, and endplug.Original lacquer finish at 95%, Full Pearls in great shape, triple neckstrap ring, and Silver Neck model! These are a transitional link between the Zephyr-Super 20 era (super 20s starting around #272K). Matching serial number 223k on the neck and body, I really like this model. These have many zephyr traits but also some traits that are unique to only the Special model. This ser# is early in the production run and, thus, it has all 5 keys engraved with the [starburst] on this model (affecting the keys only). I've seen some with all 5 low keys, some with 4, some 3. 
I love Kings; and these models surely hold their own for those with a good ear.
CASE: Original case in great condition. (missing one corner of leather cap)
PADS: Rebuild elsewhere with tan pads and plastic resos (vintage Selmer style).

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