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SML 1952 ‘Revision D’ Bb Tenor, Silver #9,74x

$5,999.00 - A stunning example of a Rev. D, previously owned by Peter Ponzol (with documentation), and the famous SML sound that people crave. COLLECTOR PACKAGE: Complete set with original SML rubber mouthpiece, ligature and cap, and end plug. Also, there is a vintage lyre that is so unique, it's a new sight for me! I will definitely document it for the "Cool Stuff" area on the website. I will honestly try to not write too much on this one. The photos should tell you all you need to know. ***However, I will say that there is that extra "it" factor in the tone when I play it - It's just special. (Bias note: I love JK's and SML's as I own and play a SML Rev D alto.)  There is only one negative to mention - and that is the small crack at the seam of the bell flare. Due to the horn's amazing condition, this must be a factory flaw and it is recommended to "leave it be". There are no dings and pings that jump out at me to mention. The neck looks excellent to match.
REBUILD: It was worked on at the MusicMedic Pro Shop for their high-end Rebuild in 2014 (before some key personnel changes - hint) and it plays fantastic. The work at that time was billed at $1,980. The workmanship is fantastic and the horn plays effortlessly. It was setup with black kangaroo pads, and seamless domed resos(slight dome). The springs are blue steel needle springs and the tension is "medium-fast"(via WWS),
CASE: original hard case in fantastic shape to match, green interior, sleek outside.

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Martin 1953 ‘The Martin Tenor’ Bb Tenor, Near Mint, #184k

$5,999.00 - Wow - One of, if not, THE nicest, gorgeously beaming "The Martin Tenor" saxophones for sale in the world right now. It's rebuilt and ready to play! With a mid-range serial number ear (1946~63), it is right in the middle era for tone (earlier is darker). It's gorgeous; I'll stop blabbing now.
COLLECTOR PACKAGE: Original Martin mouthpiece, ligature and cap, and end plug.
REBUILD: Rebuilt elsewhere, is has black Saxgourment kangaroo pads ($100) and Silver ResoTech Resos (Oversized, flat, $200+).
The tone is popping on this one due to the resonators; there is added crispness to the 'cutting ability' all while still completely filling the room with the [Martin Tone] that you may be seeking. (I'll try to get a sound file). It really reminds me of Sarge's "Official Music Man"; probably due to the same pad setup! You can hear it below.
CASE: original Martin case in excellent condition. The early era brown, wood case.
My photos don't do this horn justice.
Item #:WWSConsignMP-08091.7-98-0517

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Selmer 1954 ‘Super Balanced Action’ Eb Alto, #52k (Archived)

SOLD - Another superb alto sax. So first and foremost the lacquer on this sax is worth discussing. According to my expert opinion and microscope inspection I will say this: "Original lacquer, with wear and redness underneath what looks like another layer of clear coat. It was tricky to formulate this opinion." This sax was babied by the owner since about 1965 and I know they never did any finish modifications under their ownership (second owner). Serial number on the neck and body match.
PADS: Currently in newer pads that play well. Original domed, metal resos were reinstalled (according to the owner).
CASE: A non-original hard case. In good condition. It does fit the sax, but the end plug makes the sax fit differently due to the top block for the end. There is plenty of room in the case for the sax to be safe.

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Keilwerth 2001 ‘EX-90 Series II’ Bb Tenor, #113k

$1,849.00 - An intermediate sax with the big brother as the SX90(pro model). You'll love the pro build in quality and slick keys. As a fellow JK (couf) player, the main difference I noticed was the side Bb-C-E placement. It was very close to the body. Perhaps this is a design for smaller hands to not bump them.
SOUND: full of harmonics, like the JK sound is known for. "meaty, robust, round, full".
PADS: It has what seems like mostly original factory pads with nickel resos (domed with rivet center). they have a good pad life left and should be good, with normal, mild maintenance, for the about 2-7 years.
CASE: original case in good, working order; but note the wear and tear to the styrofoam backing in the interior.
This sax was given a recent tuneup on arrival here at WWS. You should be able to leave with this sax and enjoy it right away.

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Conn 1921 ‘New Wonder I’ Bb Soprano, Curved, Silver #72,71x

$2,399.00 - Rebuilt by WWS a few years ago and has very low playing hours. #72k, Keyed to F!, Finish: Original Silver with gold wash bell. There are only a few curved sopranos we can recommend. This is one! Having the high-F key and it being in great shape overall make this one to pursue. No major damage to report except that I will resolder the bell guard foot. The sax is in great shape cosmetically.
CASE: Comes with a nice hard case in good shape.
Item #:WWS00.00.6271.7-C6-11CONS-ML

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Martin 1948 ‘The Martin Tenor’ Bb Tenor, #166k

$4,599.00 - A beautiful "The Martin Tenor", with an early serial number (matching neck #), and many original features present: brown felt from the factory(under G# lever, F & A pearls, Eb lever), and of course the important tell: the rear sticker. There are some areas of the engraving that seem thinner than others, but due to all the other original factory parts, I still think this sax is factory original. That being said, this is one of the top-10 pretties "The Martin"s I've seen. The horn is in excellent condition and still plays very lusciously with the old setup (no resos, rivet only on some pads). there are only a few small dings to mention (photoed one on the bell lip), and some solder grit on the Eb key cup top, a few misc scratches, and wear on the octave key.
PACKAGE: It also comes with the Martin end cap, and an original Martin mouthpiece!
CASE: original martin case. The early era brown, wood case.
REBUILD: We are planning to offer this sax with a "Sarge Special" rebuild - Black Roo pads($100+), silver plated Resotech resos($200~), WWS Premium upgrade ($300), and full rebuild ($1000~). If you'd like to change these options/price we can discuss that. But we need to talk quickly to get this squared up.

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Selmer 1985 ‘Super Action 80 Series I’ Eb Baritone, Low A #376k

$5,399.00 - Strong Selmer build, keyed up to F#, down to low A... Here's a real gem. Save your money from the Series II and strongly consider this Series I. Ser#376k dates it to 1985. In original lacquer and overall in good condition. This horn was loved and used all at the same time and has been in the closet for 10 years. There are a few bumps to mention: Eb guard had foot resoldered, and bell lip shows signs of straightening work, also some other common dents/dings from chairs and use.
PADS: Currently it is in the original pads (tan with metal resos). They do play well to Low A but I would recommend some near-immediate maintenance. (PC bill: $200+). They could be stretched longer and a full rebuild is optional, not required.
CASE: A hard case with the Buffet logo on it. It is in good condition.
REBUILD: Optional! - This listing is for "as is", but I would advise a new owner to plan to put in $200-400 of small repairs into it. Or you could hire WWS to rebuild it as part of the purchase. Depending on how the numbers work out, you basically end up with a -$200 savings off a regular rebuild price. please inquire.
Item #:WWSConJN4W3.0W1.00.6281.7-0

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Rousseau ‘Jazz Model JDX #6’ Baritone – 0.103″ (Archived)

SOLD - A hard rubber mouthpiece that is a great addition to any player and especially those on a budget. I really admire the Rousseau company for making quality mouthpieces that don't break the bank. New pricing is $140-190.00 ... come quick!
Marketed Description via WWBW:
"The JDX series of jazz mouthpieces features a unique wedged baffle that allows the performer to balance a stable sound with maximum power, edge and projection"
Item: WWSL3W6.2W5.6281.7-003-0

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