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Selmer 1932 ‘Super – Cigar Cutter’ Eb Alto, #17,4xx (Archived)

This saxophone is an off-site consignment, being sold/shipped from the United Kingdom (UK). A rare opportunity for the professional saxophonist, collector, enthusiast to acquire a great piece of Selmer Super Saxophone history. This is truly a unique, beautiful looking and sounding vintage saxophone. The elegant, unique finish is a brass-look and, for the age of the instrument, it is in incredible condition. It has been brought back to it's best playing order by my technician and I have thoroughly enjoyed gigging and recording with this classic horn. It's tone is unique to this vintage era of Selmer production. It is full, big and vibrant and even puts my legendary Mark VI in the shadow. A true performer and a regrettable sale.

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Brilhart ‘Hard Rubber- #4’ Tenor, Ser# 116669 (RAC reface)- 0.102″ (Archived)

SOLD - These are one of the best Hard Rubber Mouthpieces ever made. These have a a Nice big sound, medium tone, not too dark, not too bright, Sarge had THREE in his collection for a while-- It's "best of" material! serial number 116,669; WITH ORIGINAL BOX! Bob Carpenter reface 0.102". These have a a Nice big sound, medium tone; not too dark, not too bright. Sarge had THREE in his collection for a while if that tells you anything. It's "best of" material! These often out-play vintage rubber Otto Links but are more affordable. Considering Bob's beautiful reface, the price is going to be 549.00. It will probably sell quickly, as I have seen them sell at ebay for 599.00.

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Conn 1930 ‘New Wonder II – “Chu Berry”‘ Eb Alto, Gold #234k (Archived)

SOLD - Ser.# m234,xxx dates to 1930. Excellent condition "Chu" with nailfile G#, rolled tone holes, tuning neck, Goldwash bell, everything we love. Original gold plate and Satin gold highlights model, in very nice overall condition. Now, if you've never played a Chu, they are stunningly powerful altos...big fat sound top to bottom. Ergos are not that great, but I know a lot of players that play them in spite of the 20's design and would never switch to a Selmer. I will repad it, with a Conn-style, french standard repad. Pairing an original old Conn case to go with it.

Item #: WWS5.0S0.411.6-C16

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SML 1966 ‘Gold Medal – Reynolds Contempora’ Bb Tenor, Stencil #19k (Archived)

SOLD - Here is a true SML build with the stenciled name branding. This specific detail will save you about $2000, but your sound will be identical to your SML craving ears. Serial #19xxx dates it to about the 1966-67 and the Gold Medal 1 era. Translation: Huge, fat, SML tone during some of their best years. Original Lacquer finish at 97%. Negatives: a few dings and pings that I'll burnish out; two on the neck, about 3 on the back bow, and the pants guard will bend back to 'straight'. I have no doubts that these will clean up nicely and only show a bit of past work. The neck tenon was resoldered. I can help clean it up, but it was done pretty well. CASE: original hard case in good working order, has seen owner-mods with screws. Don't forget all the SML features like "Articulated G# on/off lever" too. This one has yet to be rebuilt but it completely deserves "The Sarge Special Rebuild"--Premium with larger resos (Resotech! $250). Once it's set up, I guarantee you will turn heads and slay a few Selmers (PS-I love SMLs and am very tempted to keep this sax in my personal stash)

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Buescher 1967 ‘400’ Bb Tenor #429k

$1,999.00 - This is a nice 400 model made about a year after the Selmer takeover ser. # 429,xxx. The finish is original and to me, looks very handsome. It has the same body, neck with underslung octave mechanism and keywork as the famous older brother the "Top Hat" model, but with nickel plated keys. Buescher still made great 400's through the sixties, this one was made appx. 1967. It has a warm centered tone, but can be pushed hard with a metal mouthpiece. The Lacquer is original and about 85%, but the neck and the inside of the bell are nearly worn to bare brass.
These are some of the most undervalued horns on the vintage market.
Ready to Go! (ask me about my available cases to pair with it)

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