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Conn 1935 ’26M – Connqueror’ Eb Alto, #269,xxx (Archived)

SOLD - A deluxe Conn "M series" sax - loved for the Silver key touches and the ornate engravings, and the added key height adjustment engineering. NOTE: I would normally have to charge the $299.00 up-charge to rebuild this sax if it walked in. I personally do like the adjustments on these saxes for their purposes. However, they still require extra time to adjust the sax and dial it in. And thus, this is why these models give repairmen headaches ... if they don't know what they are doing. Ser.# dates it to 1935. CASE: It arrived with a non-original Selmer case in solid shape. I'm happy to discuss RE-ENGRAVING (solo) as part of the rebuild process along with your choice of pads and resonators. This sax will be a sweet sounding sax - Rebuild included in the price, as usual.

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Otto Link ‘RG-Berg Larsen’ Tenor – 0.118″ (Archived)

SOLD - A newer hard rubber mouthpiece for the advanced player. very large tip size is not for beginners. The bullet designed chamber is that of the Berg Larsen tone. (my personal bias). Description from the JJ Babbit Company:
"Want your music soft and mellow?
Bright and edgy?
Have it your way with the all-new RG, by Otto Link.
The Easy-to-blow RG has a unique parabolic chamber for big, dynamic sound at all projection levels. A hard rubber tooth protector runs full bite length; the thickness encourages an open embouchure allowing a big sound. Available in hard rubber or satin stainless steel finish.
Satin gold plating available as special order.
Choose from three tip openings: .108", .118", .128"
Another jj Babbitt exclusive."

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Berg Larsen ‘110-2-x’ Tenor, 1940s Duckbill, Boat tail, (RAC reface)- 0.105″

SALE $360.00 - Saved by Bob Carpenter (due to a poor refacer), this is one of the rarest of the rare Bergs and it comes with original brass ligature and cap! It was messed up arriving at an unplayable 0.080" but Bob brought it back up to 105! wow. Considering that this mouthpiece was badly altered previously, I can't ask the +$700 that these demand. I will price it at a comparable vintage Berg price. SOUND: It play very bright! I would give it a label of "105-0-L" for custom measurements. The 105 being the tip, the "0" being the very bright baffle tone, and the "L" for the 48mm "long" facing length. Item: WWS2.2S5.11291.5-BC75

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