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Keilwerth ‘ST-90, Series 1’ Eb Alto, #655k (Archived)

SOLD - I like the series 1 for the REAL pearls. Although no high F# key (just fine for learning). All student saxes come with mouthpiece and case. (sometimes a few other misc accessories in the case. A strong, German design. I love these students saxes because (bias - I play on a JK tenor) they don't sound like other student saxes! - they have more meat in the tone; even across the student models.
CASE: a new case paired with it!
Cosmetic Rating: 7.5
PC work complete.
Item #: WWS2.5E9.99.381.6-C150

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Wolfe Tayne ‘Gold 4*’ Alto, Gold Plated – 0.072″ (Archived)

SOLD - Gold plated alto mouthpiece in excellent shape. The machining on the table (horizontal) indicates it's the 'older' version of the WT mouthpieces. I am not sure if they were using the same machining as Brilhart though (horizontal in the 1970s).
SOUND: They maintain easy playability with a centered tone that still has controllable power it in. One I had (a larger tip) was one of the most amazing alto mpcs I've seen in a while - the first customer to try it, bought it!
Comes with replacement, ligature (wrap) and cap (plastic).
Item: WWSL3W5.2W5.3311.7-C0-003

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Yanagisawa ‘Metal #6’ Tenor, silver – 0.088″ (Archived)

SOLD - These are well-loved and respected mouthpieces. This one is marked down from the $200+ pricing for the silver wear. Also, there is a clear tooth pad guard installed. SOUND: They maintain easy playability with a centered tone that still has controllable power it in.
Comes with replacement, brass ligature. These don't stay in stock for too long.
Item: WWSL3W5.0W0.3311.7-C0-005

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Berg Larsen ‘105-2-SMS’ Tenor, 2000s Grained Ebonite, (WWS) – 0.108″ (Archived)

STASHED - Bob's Collection - One amazing example! You'll love it. Marked [105-2-SMS], this mouthpiece was enhanced by me. ***I made as much of a copy on the facing curve as I could to my personal 110-2-SMS, vintage rubber ($450) Berg. I have had serious thoughts about buying this from Bob to add as my 'backup' mouthpiece, God forbid should anything happen to my main one. With a nice Berg ligature.
The description from the Berg Larsen website:
"A mouthpiece with a warm tone and a generally round sound manufactured using superior grade ebonite with a classy grained effect."
Item: BC1W5.0W0.5231.7-BC

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Berg Larsen ‘100-3-M’ Tenor, 2000s Bronze (Gold Series), (RAC) – 0.107″ (Archived)

SOLD - Bob's Collection: Marked [100-3-M], this mouthpiece was enhanced to play better by mouthpiece guru Bob Carpenter. Even some of the great Bergs don't leave the factory playing very well. The "3" baffle does limit the treble (darkest setting), and you'll notice that it still contains the medium-core tone of a Berg. With the original Berg box, ligature and cap.
The description from the Berg Larsen website:
"Produced using the latest casting techniques, bronze is widely used throughout the music industry for its resonate qualities.
These highly polished mouthpieces are particularly resistant to tarnishing and are extremely hardwearing.
The insert is made from grained ebonite. Usually "SLIM" comes with chamber 0 or 1 and "NEW" with chamber 2 or 3. BUT they can be made according to your preferences."***This particular 0.107" Berg listing is the standard "New" width with the #3 chamber. (That means that it is a [cliff] baffle instead of the bullet chamber). Item: BC2W0.0W0.5201.7-BC

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Otto Link ‘Super Tone Master – 9*’ Tenor, Florida USA (WWS reface)- 0.123″ (Archived)

SOLD - Ultra rare, side-stamped 9* tenor mouthpiece. It arrived with a 0.120" tip that had crooked rails and a poor tip seal. It also had a custom baffle that we took out. The tip and rails looked original, so I must conclude that it took a tough bump along the way. Otherwise, no other obvious damage to figure out that story. It is currently paired with a 1990s/00s ligature. This era is a great era of mouthpieces and now plays easy after the refacing work. TONE: Huge tone/resonance in the low end, a more medium tone in the middle and high ranges. This era is known for regaining the warmth as the baffle leveled/rounded out. I know you'll want to try this one. WWSL0W3.0W0..3311.7-C60-006

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Holton 1930 ‘Rudy Wiedoeft’ Eb Alto, Silver #39k (Archived)

SOLD - A collector's joy and diamond-in-the-rough alto! I am so tempted to keep this one for myself. It has trill keys, unique venting, neck tuning adjustment, and more! The Frank Holton Company operated in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, USA. The "RW" model is one of the more popular. This sax features:
--C1 venting
--G# trill
--Eb trill
--Eb3 trill
--Neck tuning adjuster
FINISH: Original silver plate, in excellent 90%+ condition
SOUND: Sweet, vintage, ... more to come here...
Current pad setup on arrival was a rivet, no reso. The tone was restricted. It plays well enough to hear the sweet tone, but I think that you'd really fall in love with this sax with a fresh WWS Rebuild and pads chosen for your preferences.
***WWS Rebuild included at the listed price.***
Item #:WWS2.5S0.00.521.7-0

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