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Yamaha 1980s ‘YSS-62 “Purple Logo”‘ Bb Soprano, #10,8xx

$3599.00 - Highly sought after "purple logo" YSS-62 - Serial # 10,8xx, original lacquer in good, used, condition. Keyed to high F# also. It's in relatively clean condition with the pictures telling the story; I'll note the upper pip either has an acid bleed or a light resolder. This sax was owned by an adult player and played/loved well. It arrived to WWS with the many of the original factory pads in it. It does decent right now to test and get a vibe on its tone and ergos - I like it. (This is the older, deeper tone from the "purple logo" era.)
REBUILD: (Included) - TBD - It will get a WWS Standard Rebuild included and be a sweet soprano for your collection and enjoyment. You can order it and help choose the setup. However, left to my own methods, I would do a similar setup as the factory original.
CASE: Original hard case.
This is a Consignment instrument, however, is being sold as a normal WWS inventory which will include a rebuild to your personal specifications.
Item#: ConsignMKlein2S3.5S9-061.7-0

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Grassi 1993 ‘Professional’ Eb Baritone, Low A #64k

Reduced $3,299.00 - A superb baritone that will blow the doors down! This Grassi has a tone that blows us away for its "crispness" & "bark". It reminds me of Keilwerth bark, but with slightly less spread in the harmonics. It may be the model: [Professional], not the "Professional 2000" intermediate level that would be engraved on the bell, due to the elongated C/Eb key touches (added modern comfort). I will be doing more research on these very soon. There are other great features also: Grassi's elaborate tune rings, bell engraving, F#-arm adjustment screws, ...note that there is no high F#. There is only one small dent to mention on the lower, front bow--*I can take this dent out; It will clean up nicely. There may be a few small pings on it too. She's not perfect, but she is very very pretty. Not many people have ever played a Grassi, even more so, there is not a ton of information on these. These were "Made in Italy" and do have a respectful following - as long as you are working with the professional model. This #64k is later in the factory run. CASE: Original Grassi Hard case. It is a little lighter-grade, (light, and a little flimsy) but overall it's in excellent condition. FINISH: Original Lacquer Body & Keys. SOUND: Powerful, presence, a little "bark", crisp. This is not ideal for quiet chamber work. (I really liked the tone with a Medium Chamber mouthpiece best -- see: similar to Yamaha 5C or Meyers, as an example.) PADS: Current pad setup is original and plays very well. It has tan pads and larger metal resonators - nickel; with a seamless, light dome; and no-rivet. I think you could fall in love with this sax as-is and enjoy it for several years without needing major pad work. I am happy to tune up the sax with some precision. There are minor things that I'd love to perfect. Any one who actually knows what these horns offer will agree with the common statement: "These horns are highly undervalued, and offer you more for the money than many others in the same price range". Item #:WWS2E4.6E3.35.222.17-F

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Yanagisawa 1972 ‘[Vito Stencil] 6 Series/B6’ Eb Baritone, Low A, Bare Brass #1,272,9xx(Archived)

SOLD - Early era professional Yanagisawa/Yani baritone known as the "6 Series". This is the earliest years of the 'stencil' lines (a "stenciled" name engraved on the the bell - built by Yani; and it says "Japan" under the serial number). You can see the Yani logo on the neck brace and the clothes guard. This sax arrived as a trade in, after it had received an estimated $1,200.00 repad + the new case. I will inspect it and make some adjustments as needed. The sax was ADULT OWNED and played semi-professionally by a 30+ year sax player.
FINISH: It was stripped from the original finish to bare brass; it has tarnished to a nice, golden color.
CASE: Comes with near new Protec case. ($300)
PADS: The pads are in great shape; tan pads with plastic resonators.

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Selmer ‘S80 C*’ Baritone, Rubber – 0.079″

$189.00 - A "must have" for concert band! A hard rubber mouthpiece that is a great addition to any player and especially those on a budget. Due to what I know of this mouthpiece, it came with my friend's sax from about 1984-86; aka, this is from the early era! Consider that new pricing is $240-270.00 ... come quick!
Marketed Description via WWBW:
"Precision crafted with a firm yet responsive feel. -- The Selmer S80 tenor saxophone mouthpiece is a popular design, and one of the biggest sellers in the marketplace. It is constructed from hard rod rubber, which lends it outstanding stability, accuracy and consistent facings. Whereas most mouthpieces have an arched cross-section in the chamber, the S80 is square. Students stepping up from a stock mouthpiece will experience a dramatic improvement in register changes and tonguing immediately in terms of tone and response."
Item: WWSL3W6.2W5.6281.7-001-0

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Olds ‘Super’ Bb Tenor, Silver #1,0xx

$3,499.00 - The rare OLDS Super tenor sax - in superb condition! These are strongly linked to Martins - think: Committee 1 & 2 blended. These are very well built saxes. There was a tone of love and craftsmanship in this era. This sax arrived in what I believe is likely the original pad setup from that era! - it is only a rivet in the pads, no resonators. The tone of it is thus muted and tubby. I should capture this for history's sake! At any rate, with a proper pad setup these will have a focused core tone and the small bore acts much like a Committee 1 & 2. The silver in very well intact, the neck has the matching serial number... CONS: There is solder evidence near the neck insert. My plan, address some of that on the body neck receiver, and silver plate any repairs (aka: make it awesome!). Otherwise, the sax is in excellent condition!
BEAUTY NOTE: I tried capture the luster of the pearls - I couldn't with a camera! These pearls glimmer with a green/turquoise hue that is so beautiful. I've also taken extra photos for documentation; and you'll notice that I have anti-tarnished/polished a few areas as a test. Enjoy!
CASE: A vintage wood case, with a white/yellow interior fuzz; likely the original also! It's only in "OK+" shape. A horn of this caliber should demand a new case, but I hate to separate the original parts.
REBUILD: Included in the price is a WWS Standard Rebuild: Prestini Tan pads, Resos at 60%+ (flat nickel with rivet), natural cork throughout, plus extra love for OLDS keywork. Ask me about special gold plating on the engraving or other ideas that we are considering.
2016 added research (to be continued): Prior to growing internet knowledge, Sarge used his collection and experience to help with the history and profiles on saxes. This horn needs an update to documentation: The CA company employed a former Martin employee. Thus the strong link in design from Martin. Was is made by Martin?-No; but you can clearly see the direct similarities.
Item #:WWS1S0.2S0.00.661.7-0

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Other: ‘KSC – USA’ Eb Alto, #N60k

$675.00 - Here's a tricky sax/potential "diamond in the rough". I believe, due to some info from the past owner, that this could be a 1970s/early80s build that was a copy of a Selmer Mark VII. It is a heavy build and you'll see all the great things that we love for ergos.
TONE: The tone is not quick " vintage Selmer" as it is a little brighter. However, it is not the same extra bright tone of the modern saxes.
PADS: older, factory pads. PC work pending.
CASE: wood case. "good/ok" condition.
For this sax, we will include a basic tune-up and it will continue to play excellent. I see this as a great "step-up"/intermediate sax for someone on a budget... or a very nice pep band horn!

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Martin 1949 ‘The Martin Alto’ Eb Alto, #174,5xx

$1,580/3,499 - Restoration Options - A sax with that "It Factor" in the tone: easy to play, outstanding response, and makes your head tilt in joy after a few notes. That's one of the main reasons we are considering the restoration.
FINISH: some correct color, clear engraving, but heavy lacquer runs. I'm left to input my expert opinion as: Original without heavy buffing with addition spot relacquering that was messy.
CASE: We'll find a nice one to pair with it, probably a Protec XL.

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Conn 1942 ’10M’ Bb Tenor, #306,84x

$3,200.00 - A prime era 10m in original lacquer, S# 306,843. the thing is 30-m's and 10-m's are so different , i felt like i need to have both... the 30m is more of a jazz horn and the 10m works better for my rockin' R&B stuff. It has never seen any notable body damage, although some minor dents may have been rolled out before i got her. Rolled tone holes, Naked Lady engraving. The neck is slightly pulled down, i corrected that and eventually i will do a Conn Style Premium Rebuild, with Saxgourmet Kangaroo pads and flat metal resonators. The premium upgrade, with Teflon and Ultrasuede, will really do a lot to smooth out the action on her.
Chadd comments: This one is a real screamer. Setup with oversized flat metal resonators, and the Black Saxgourmet Roo pads. Just the real deal here, everything you'd expect from the fable of 10M's.
Originally, I got to sell this to a friend of Sarge's/mine. I had the rare opportunity to by her back and list her again through WWS; it's only fitting.
Item #:WWST2s5.0s0.5301.7-s06

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