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Conn 1932 ‘[Pan-Am] – Geo M. Bundy’ Eb Alto, Silver #47k (Archived)

SOLD - This is a sweet little alto that is a Conn Pan-Am sax with a few unique parts. It has a robust tone and is 50% vintage in the tone; the resos boost the treble/presence yet it is not as shrill as a modern student sax. Come quick!
Rebuilt elsewhere with MusicMedic pads and resos.

Plays excellent!
CASE: older Protec case in great condition!
Consider it an above-student sax, to intermediate level vintage sax. What an option. This is a bargain sax for the right person who is looking for this specific sax.

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Buffet 1978 ‘S-1’ Eb Alto, w/ high F#, #27k

REDUCED! $1,899.00 - Another stunning looker! - Pretty - Another stunning looker! - Pretty - These are considered the pinnacle of Buffet's designs.  They are known mostly for they're genius (or wacky) rockers on the C#/Bb and Eb/C...."only sax in history to be able to comfortably go from low C# to Low Bb"(in Sarge's words). They have a French richness in tone and smooth action. Ergos have a High rating for comfort. Tone is brighter than the Super Dynaction era prior. I would say these are like a focused Buffet sound crossed with a King Super 20 cutting abilities; and it is a well designed heavy horn. it keeps its adjustment well and is overall reliable. Typical S-1 style neck with the cut-out for the F#, adjustable thumbrest, several screw adjusters throughout (like selmers).
The serial number is 27,4xx, which means it was made in 1978.   EXCELLENT Original Lacquer is about 97% although there are some very minor scratches to note, the neck cork was sanded beyond the cork(on metal) and one lone repair to the bell brace hidden under the keys (body side). Nothing else to point out. The photos should tell the rest of the story.
PADS: Original Setup. Plays very good considering the age.
CASE: Original Buffet case is excellent shape to match.
Item #: WWSConsignJH-08091.7-F80

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Keilwerth 1964 ‘[Tone King] – Selmer MAJOR’ Bb Alto, #51k

$1,499.00 - A pro sax that is hidden by the other popular name on the bell. But the key guard design, and the plastic pants guard, serial stamping, and keywork will label it as a full-blooded Julius Keilwerth sax. All JK Stencils has the high-quality metal from JK. And to my knowledge, there is no bad-JK-stencil. The original finish is in good shape overall; the photos show the wear. This is the TONE KING model design, and the early era with Rolled Tone Holes.
SOUND: These are supremely warm and meaty. Power, harmonics, rich, fat.... all are terms that would be used to describe this one.
REBUILD: I'd like to sell this with a full rebuild, and set it up to your specifications because it is playing on the original pad setup and it beginning to show age beyond what will be enjoyable. Let's discuss what you'd like; otherwise, I can put the JK Standard setup on it: seamless-domed, nickel resonators, on tan pads.
CASE: original case in pretty worn condition. I haven't given up saving it for use; but I am leaving the option to upgrade the case to a new one (the price would jump up also, at cost). Protec XL model recommended.

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Jupiter ‘JTS-889SG’ Bb Tenor, #E20,xxx (Archived)

SOLD - A great sax in great condition! I like these as a great intermediate sax. Great Ergos, high F# key, nice original hard case. Made in Taiwan, #E0225x Model JTS-889.  Sterling silver neck! Currently in factory pads that come with slight-domed metal resonators. These have fast action and you'll love it over any student sax. They play a little louder with power and presence.
Cosmetic Rating: 9.0 -- Nice, minor tarnishing to note on the silver body.
CASE: Yes, the original hard case in "ok/good" condition. (There was a slight scent on arrival; it isn't something worthy of discarding the case so I will treat it with my deodorizers.)
All Student/Intermediate saxes come with, at least, a mouthpiece... and usually anything that came in the case with that sax.

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Morgan ‘Jazz 6M’ Alto, 1980s Vintage, Ser#19,759 – 0.073″

$229.00 - A true, vintage Morgan mpc here. This is not the newer line of Morgans. (see the '6' over the 'M', and no "USA" on the body.) The sound is crisp and clear from from the Medium chamber and the #6 tip, which matches the intent of the current production models and this one is an elite mouthpiece in the case. More of the world should try a Morgan.
This model could also be labeled: Model "RMAJ"; "HR Jazz Alto".
Due the markings and the aging rubber, I will admit that I'm guessing, with mild research, that this is one of the earlier models. But hey, they're still making this one today, priced at $269.00.
TONE: Crisp, clear, yet warm. Ease in the response and a huge volume from this tip size.

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SML 1952 ‘Revision D’ Bb Tenor, Silver #9,74x

$5,999.00 - A stunning example of a Rev. D, previously owned by Peter Ponzol (with documentation), and the famous SML sound that people crave. COLLECTOR PACKAGE: Complete set with original SML rubber mouthpiece, ligature and cap, and end plug. Also, there is a vintage lyre that is so unique, it's a new sight for me! I will definitely document it for the "Cool Stuff" area on the website. I will honestly try to not write too much on this one. The photos should tell you all you need to know. ***However, I will say that there is that extra "it" factor in the tone when I play it - It's just special. (Bias note: I love JK's and SML's as I own and play a SML Rev D alto.)  There is only one negative to mention - and that is the small crack at the seam of the bell flare. Due to the horn's amazing condition, this must be a factory flaw and it is recommended to "leave it be". There are no dings and pings that jump out at me to mention. The neck looks excellent to match.
REBUILD: It was worked on at the MusicMedic Pro Shop for their high-end Rebuild in 2014 (before some key personnel changes - hint) and it plays fantastic. The work at that time was billed at $1,980. The workmanship is fantastic and the horn plays effortlessly. It was setup with black kangaroo pads, and seamless domed resos(slight dome). The springs are blue steel needle springs and the tension is "medium-fast"(via WWS),
CASE: original hard case in fantastic shape to match, green interior, sleek outside.

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Martin 1953 ‘The Martin Tenor’ Bb Tenor, Near Mint, #184k

$5,999.00 - Wow - One of, if not, THE nicest, gorgeously beaming "The Martin Tenor" saxophones for sale in the world right now. It's rebuilt and ready to play! With a mid-range serial number ear (1946~63), it is right in the middle era for tone (earlier is darker). It's gorgeous; I'll stop blabbing now.
COLLECTOR PACKAGE: Original Martin mouthpiece, ligature and cap, and end plug.
REBUILD: Rebuilt elsewhere, is has black Saxgourment kangaroo pads ($100) and Silver ResoTech Resos (Oversized, flat, $200+).
The tone is popping on this one due to the resonators; there is added crispness to the 'cutting ability' all while still completely filling the room with the [Martin Tone] that you may be seeking. (I'll try to get a sound file). It really reminds me of Sarge's "Official Music Man"; probably due to the same pad setup! You can hear it below.
CASE: original Martin case in excellent condition. The early era brown, wood case.
My photos don't do this horn justice.
Item #:WWSConsignMP-08091.7-98-0517

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