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Yamaha 1990s ‘YAS-52’ Eb Alto, #00719x

$1,499.00 - Another great step-up alto, ser#007xxx, Original Lacquer at 97%. They are clean sounding, comfortable playing saxes, with great intonation. Few saxes can be 'intermediate' and get so much praise.
PADS: Pads play great and show more age and use (goes with the finish = pretty sax)
CASE: comes with original hard case in nice shape.
Cosmetic rating: 9.6
PC work Complete
Item #:WWSCON-MK1S0.5S0..00.01101.8-C15

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Martin 1939 ‘Committee II- Lion & Crown’ Bb Tenor, #133k, ROSE GOLD

$10,000.00 - Rose Gold plated Committee II Tenor, lacquer coated body! From Sarge's Collection - the rarest of the rare... The story?!: It was built by the Martin Company for a top salesman... Sarge was the 3rd owner. Will you be the 4th? It's a 1939 Martin with Serial #133,585 on neck and body. Older pads that play and an old Martin Committee 2 case as well.

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Conn 1946 ‘6M’ Eb Alto, #319,2xx

$1,699.00 - One of the last "good" Conn 6Ms: Serial #319k, with rolled tone holes, G# trill key and underslung octave. It has a recent repad from unnamed local shop where it looks like it was given tan prestini pads and flat metal resos with rivet (conn style) setup -- 2x pads are different with plastic resos (D1, bis).
Finish: Original Lacquer. Comes with original Conn Case is good shape.
TONE: Rich like a 6M. Great response!
CASE: Original conn wood case. in fair condition - functional. I will treat the case for 'old' odors.

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Other: Connetable ‘Metallic – Benny Carter #5’ Alto, (RAC Reface)- 0.072″

$199.00 - A huge, large chamber mouthpiece that has a design that reminds me of an Otto Link Master model (plus, the lig has a thick read plate too). It was originally silver plated, as you can see, and I've opted to leave the plating original for now. You are free to request some silver plating. Shank markings: "3 Rue Duperre" ... which may have been the place of manufacturing! ... it is currently an address in Paris that is about 2.5 miles NE of the Eiffel Tower.
Refaced by Expert refacer Bob Carpenter, and final finishing work precision done by Chadd here at WWS. It is a unusually neat mouthpiece. We were glad to save it.
A very easy blower, even with the tip size. It plays with a MEDIUM-warm tone quality, mostly dark with the ability to push it over the top.
Please inquire for additional information.
Item: WWS00.00.11111.7-BC40

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Yanagisawa ‘Metal #7’ Alto, Silver – 0.091″

$169.00 - These are well-loved and respected mouthpieces. This one is marked down from the $200+ pricing for the silver wear. 
SOUND: They maintain easy playability with a centered tone that still has controllable power it in.
Comes with replacement, ligature. 
These don't stay in stock for too long!
Item: WWST5W0.0W0.11151.7-C0

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Berg Larsen ‘120-2-SMS – SELECT’ Tenor, 1970-80s Rubber – 0.115″

$355.00 - A super rare, 'SELECT' model Berg Larsen mouthpiece from the 1970s/80s. It has a straight signature, very offset SMS marks, the 'Select' label on the shank, bullet chamber and horizontal table markings.
NOTE: I can now say that even a "Select" mouthpiece can need repair. This is one of those. The table marks show that it is 10)% original still, yet some how the table is not level. I bet that's why I ended up with it - It's time to ignite it's true potential!
REFACING: On arrival the tip is measuring 0.108-113" due to an unlevel table. WWS will reface this mouthpiece to a superb playing facing. I will however wait for a short time to allow you to request the perfect tip size for you. The correct 're-sizing' should set this at 0.115".
SOUND: C'mon, it's a Berg 120! Expect a big, robust, yet clear, the #2 baffle helps leave some warmth in this robust core tone. It reminds me of my frequent flyer(110-2-SMS).

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Yamaha ‘YSS-L1’ Soprano, 1970s – 0.045″

$169.00 - A rare Yamaha soprano mouthpiece made of hard rubber or blended composite (it definitely has some rubber). Straight baffle, straight side walls into a very small round chamber. This one is in great condition and also has a thin front tip rail --that's a good thing and not all had that.
This mouthpiece is to a  Yamaha 61 (purple logo) what the Selmer S-80 became to Selmer. It was paired with the pro Yamahas.
With original, grooved ligature! (and a Selmer cap. PS-I will clean the green on the cap up for you.)

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