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Dukoff ‘D6 – Silverite’ C-Melody, Transitional, (WWS Reface) – 0.071″

$699.00 - A uniquely, ultra rare Dukoff mouthpiece from Chadd's Collection that matches all the design measurements for a C-Melody mouthpiece.  It was really tricky on arrival and it sent me into heavy research.
The photo comparisons sum it up though. It contained elements from two eras of Dukoff: the Nickel Plated Brass(NPB), and the "Miami, FL" Silverite models:
-made of Silverite
-Vertical "D6" label (like Silverite)
-short shank (like Silverite Alto)
-small bite pad (like NPB model)
-"Dukoff" script (like NPB model)
-Nickel plating over the silverite = True Transitional! wow!
***Reed Window is a match for the length of vintage rubber C-Melody mouthpieces.
Item: WWSCBP00.00.03301.8C200

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Conn 1932 ‘6M’ Eb Alto, Transitional #253,3xx (Archived)

SOLD - The lowest-priced, rolled-tone-hole Conn that I've ever listed!!! One of the sought after Conn 6M Serial #s 253k, with rolled tone holes, G# trill key and underslung octave. Some medium damage to mention happened to the lower bow and some major damage to mention is the top of the neck. This may or may not be worth the worry to fix. I'm open to discussing it.
PADS: It has a recent tuneup from unnamed, out of state shop... most all the pads look decent except 1-3. Tan Pads & plastic resos.
TONE: It will be rich like a 6M. Expect it on the darker side due to the Ser#.
CASE: Currently with a vintage Martin case that is a poor fit. I wonder if I have something better around the shop... 

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Geo M. Bundy ‘Paris – B*’ Alto, 1930s – 0.055″

$99.00 - Vintage, rubber Geo M Bundy mouthpiece with a very large chamber - Likely paired with the early Bundy saxes that were a Conn Pan-Am/6M spin off. So I'm not surprised that this mouthpiece reminds me of a Conn Eagle mouthpiece with the huge chamber. It's currently in the original facing and tip at 0.055" and it could be refaced to your request (Add $50-100 for a reface). Inquire for additional information.

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Woodwind ‘Special – Made For Dick Stabile’ Alto – 0.065″

$199.00 - A unique design: Straight side walls (Brilhart) into a larger throat/chamber than narrows back bore size. Terrific material. I love all Steel Ebonite mouthpieces and this one is unique at that. The added ring at the shank is a great addition for long-term shank protection - the ring is silver plated and was polished here at WWS. "Patent Process No. 1452953". This mouthpiece is currently in original condition and could be opened up if you so desire. Doing so would be a $50+ addition depending on how far you want it to go.

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Other: ‘York’ Soprano, Rubber, Large Chamber (WWS Reface) – 0.054″

$129.00 - Large Chamber - Recommended for vintage sopranos! Rubber, arrived with an original tip that was too closed to enjoy.  LARGE CHAMBER, and a slight rollover baffle from the reface. The look of the mouthpiece reminds me of some older Buescher 'pickles' with the ring-lip at the shank; but I am not certain on that. The photos are prior to the finished reface and you are free to help guide to with how much baffle you'd like left in there. 

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