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Conn 1925 ‘New Wonder II – “Chu Berry”‘ Eb Alto, Silver #148k

$1469.00 - Ser.# m148,xxx dates to 1925. Physically in Excellent condition, this "Chu", nailfile G#, rolled tone holes, tuning neck, Goldwash bell, everything we love, will be a great one. Original Silver plate and Satin Silver highlights model, in very nice overall condition. There is clear lacquer coat over the silver that is flaky off and can/should be removed during the rebuild (included). Now, if you've never played a Chu, they are stunningly powerful altos...big fat sound top to bottom. Ergos are not that great, but I know a lot of players that play them in spite of the 20's design and would never switch to a Selmer. I will repad it, with a Conn-style, french standard repad (aka, a vintage rebuild, a 899.00 rebuild+lacquer stripping).

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Buescher 1950 ‘400 – “Top Hat & Cane”‘ Eb Alto, #333,7xx (Archived)

SOLD - (Consignment Sale: Plays Excellent!) ser # 333,7xx, These are fantastic altos--well respected, better than average ergos. This example is in excellent condition, Original Lacquer, They maintain the Buescher warmed but have a bigger sound from their exponential bore and the big bell. Comes in a nice vintage case. The original snap in system is intact, so Sarge did a complete "Original Buescher" style rebuild, with metal backed-press in pads and then snap in the original metal domes with natural cork throughout...and it will all go for:

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Buescher 1927 ‘True Tone’ Eb Alto, series III, Silver #205k

$1,025.00 - (Consignment Sax - Plays Excellent) Serial #205k, the first good era with roller G#. In great condition, and a little tarnish to wipe off (it will shine great!). Silver is 90% intact, the bell is silver inside, not goldwash. Some wear inside the bell down to brass. I'm not sure if it was gold and was rubbed out over time--my gut says silver since the beginning. It has the earlier-era engraving, with a crisp "Buescher" on the bell. Neck is # "1". This model has a great tubby-warmth to the sound --Sigard Rascher made this one famous! They have a tone that is uniquely 'Buescher' for early vintage saxes--very woody--but intonation was not perfected well on these 1920s horns; having a proper mouthpiece will help! (A larger chamber will be recommended.) It has the original wood case in "Good/ok" shape. Currently we are treating the case with some anti-odor methods. Please check in with me on this topic. I believe we'll be able to make it work well for you. This sax was rebuilt with tan pads and plastic resos (no snaps present) by a very reputable Northwest WA sax repairman. The work was done 10yrs ago and the sax was barely played during that first year. It has been in its case since.

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