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Grassi 1974 ‘Standard-Jade Series’ Eb Alto, #27k

$1,299.00 - A "diamond in the rough" alto! This little Grassi has a tone that blows us away in the shop. It reminds me a of the French tone that everyone is after. Not many people have ever played a Grassi, even more so, there is not a ton of information on these. These were "Made in Italy". This #27k is right on the cusp of the model change over into the Jade Roller series. I cannot say if this sax is a true transitional-era sax with the black rollers, or if they were changed out. But this one has a black G# touch. However, the octave thumbrest is that correct Jade coloring. There are 3-4 resolders, and dented C-post that I'll work on. The needle springs are working great. FINISH: Original Lacquer Body, Nickel Plated Keys. SOUND: Sweet, vintage, French-like. Current pad setup is a stock Selmer-style with plastic resos. It plays well enough to hear the sweet tone, but I think that you'd really fall in love with this sax with a fresh WWS Rebuild and pads chosen for your preferences. ***WWS Rebuild included at the listed price.*** Any one who actually knows what these horns offer will agree with the common statement: "These horns are highly undervalued, and offer you more for the money than many others in the same price range". Item #:WWSE3.5E0.131.17-X

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Conn 1936 ’26M’ Eb Alto, #275,xxx (Archived)

SOLD! - An excellent, original lacquer example of a highly sought after sax. Serial #275k puts it right at 1936. This This horn was actually sold prior to arrival here because it was Scouted for a customer (a service that we offer). We located the sax from a client/collector in Mexico and helped the searching client in Texas, USA acquire it. During the matchmaking, I was the mid-point for inspection and verification. Here was my picky review upon getting the sax:
I just finished a few playing passages on the 26M. It is a sweet sweet tone. It is not huge in tone, but a mellow singer. (this on my Woodwind Co., large chamber mouthpiece tip at 0.075") VERY PICKY INSPECTION:
-minor dings to the neck
-evidence of dent work on the bow(by C# pad).
-neckstrap ring repairs 1) the base was resoldered.
-neckstrap ring repairs 2) the loop has added metal from wear.
-/+ repairs to dented thumbhook. excellent repairs of dents, and any resolders.
+very clean pearls
+good repair work on the last repad. It was loved by the owner (he did the work).
+ZERO missing set-screws. Awesome!
+upgraded replacement case. (wood)
+no evidence of past swedging work
+++ a beautiful horn.
Pads = a modern tan pad, with slight-domed resos and rivet (like a modern Selmer, Jupiter...)
It was very enjoyable to play!
Item #:WWSTS27.0SES0.231.7-C30

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Other: ‘No Name- France’ Alto, 1920s/30s (WWS reface) – 0.070″ (Archived)

Vintage no name "france" [gallery columns="5" link="file" ids="8308,8307"] [content_box custom_class="block_1"][row][span8] Price: $Sold [/span8][/row][/content_box] [row] [span4][caret_list] Make: Other Model:  No Name "France" Number:  N/A Era:  1920s/30s [/caret_list][/span4] [span4][caret_list] Status: Sold! Ligature: N/A Facing: WWS Reface Tip-Size:  0.070" [/caret_list][/span4] [/row] [hr] Reminds me of a Conn Eagle design, vintage hard rubber from 1920/30s, with metal shank ring. "france" on the side.…
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Geo M. Bundy ‘#2’ Alto, (WWS refaced) – 0.079″, Round Chamber (archived)

$119.00...sold? - (touched up after photos) I refaced tip at 0.079" to copy my "Selmer NY" mouthpiece's curve ($299 listed below)! These are similar to 40's otto link in tone and much cheaper! Slant Bundy signature, no size walls. round, open chamber! These early ones with the open chamber are more sought after. Ask me about a ligature.


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Conn ‘Eagle’ Alto, 1920s/30s (RAC refaced) – 0.080″ (Archived)

Sold - Vintage hard rubber from 1920/30s. Originally it was paired with a New Wonder . It has a large Chamber and I just had Bob Carpenter open it up to 0.080". It plays really easy. I would say it sounds typical of a stuffy, vintage tone but after Bob's work, it can cut through in the high register--still not as loud of a mpc as others. no ligature.
SOUND FILE (Actual Mouthpiece!): "Conn Early Lineage": Wonder vs Wonder II (Chu) vs 6M Naked Lady


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Yamaha 2003 ‘YAS-62’ Eb Alto, #078274 (Archived)

Yamaha 62, modern professional alto [gallery link="file" columns="5" ids="5947,5948"] [content_box custom_class="block_1"][row][span8] Price: $SOLD [/span8][/row][/content_box] [row] [span4][caret_list] Year:  2003? Make: Yamaha Model:  YAS-62 [/caret_list][/span4] [span4][caret_list] Status:  Sold! Finish: Original Serial Number: #078,274 [/caret_list][/span4] [/row] Ser#078274. I've had many great players and lesson teachers play this one and ALL were very impressed--eyebrows raised. PC work complete, I ended up…
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