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Cannonball 2009 ‘Big Bell Stone Series – Raven’ Bb Soprano, Curved, Black Nickel #130k (Archived)

SOLD - Who doesn't love the look of black nickel, must less matte black? I will confess that this sax has a tone that lives up to the "big bell" name. There is a nice mid-core resonance that mellows out the tone from other modern textures. It still contains the modern punch with the clarity and the metal resonators help that too - it is definitely 'louder' than a vintage sax.
Comes with TWO Necks, silver one for more clarity and ring, the black matte one for a softer, mellow tone. Sax has high F# & high G keys.
CASE: - Yes. Original hard case in great shape
Cosmetic Rating: 9.9
Item #:WWSConMPitt09.0S0.0S0.12011.7-F08

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Other: ‘No Name’ Soprano, Rubber – 0.057″ (Archived)

SOLD - Played in tune on Buescher TrueTone! Rubber, arrived with an original tip that was too closed to enjoy.  LARGE CHAMBER, and a slight rollover baffle from the reface. The look of the mouthpiece reminds me of some older King mpcs; but I am not certain on that.
Now refaced to about 0.057", I am happy to admit that I found this mouthpiece to be a great pair for Buescher True Tone Sopranos! = improved intonation!

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Conn 1915 ‘New Wonder I’ Bb Soprano, Curved, Detachable Neck, Silver #34,72x (Archived)

SOLD - A rare DETACHABLE NECK Conn Curved soprano. Wow - I love it. The Serial #34k makes it one of the earliest NW1 curved soprano numbers that I've seen. It is keyed to high F, and it was made without pearls on the made key stacks. Finish: Original Silver with gold wash bell(worn). No major damage to report except that I will resolder the Eb bell guard foot (a few others have been resoldered over time). Also a ding in the bell above Bb tonehole, the neck is a bit loose right now and will need fitted to be be enjoyed.
CASE: Comes with a original hard case in good shape!

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Conn 1921 ‘New Wonder I’ Bb Soprano, Curved, Silver #72,71x (Archived)

SOLD - Rebuilt by WWS a few years ago and has very low playing hours. #72k, Keyed to F!, Finish: Original Silver with gold wash bell. There are only a few curved sopranos we can recommend. This is one! Having the high-F key and it being in great shape overall make this one to pursue. No major damage to report except that I will resolder the bell guard foot. The sax is in great shape cosmetically.
CASE: Comes with a nice hard case in good shape.
Item #:WWS00.00.6271.7-C6-11CONS-ML

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