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Otto Link ‘Tone Master – 5’ Tenor, 1940s (WWS Reface) – 0.085″ (Archived)

SOLD - A #5 Tone Master tenor mouthpiece with original ligature - both at about 15% original plating on arrival. This mouthpiece has serial # K72 on it. It arrived with the tip at the original 0.080" tip size and the tip and rails are in good shape but they were uneven on one side. This was addressed in a reface and now the tip sits at 0.085".
TONE: Known for huge tone/resonance, "vintage smoke", Dexter Gordon all day. Evenness and sultry. These mouthpieces are known for ....vintage greatness.

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Conn 1945 ’10M’ Bb Tenor, Silver #311k (Archived)

SOLD - Built for the player, this modified 10M is from the prime era, with newer pads, brass resos, in silver plate, S# 311k, rolled toneholes, with a few modifications:

-neckstrap ring lowered(be happy);
-the Eb trill key & tonehole have been expertly removed and patched;
-the upgrade to a Selmer metal thumbrest (valued at $100) however, the original hook is also in the case;
-a few metal-wear patches at the thumb hook and octave rest.
The sax has some medium wear throughout the sax--miscellaneous dings, dents, silver wear--to tell you that this sax was loved and played. It may be an indicator of why it was set up to do so for previous owner(s?). The pearls also feel/show some of the heavy playing time. 
Item #:WWST2S5.9S0.00.01221.8-C120-98

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Conn 1929 ‘New Wonder II – “Chu Berry”‘ Bb Tenor, #236k (Archived)

SOLD - Budget-Gigger: Conn "Chu" Tenor! This will be a great gigging sax for the venues that you want a killer tone and don't want to bring your high-priced sax. This one will be a great player, and it will help you not freak out over ding and pings. It has some of those that will be forever 'beauty marks'. It is missing the rear key guard on the Eb trill key. The finish on this sax is lacquer, but it was a [no engraving] Conn. So it originally was likely a nickel-plate sax. Thus, this is the 1st time lacquered, or a relacquer.
CASE: newer Protec XL ($250!) in great condition.
REBUILD: Rebuilt elsewhere, it has brown kangaroo leather pads with domed nickel resos. They look like musicmedic pads - they have lots of life left.
I'll go through this sax and give it a full adjustment, because it needed this on arrival, and I'll make sure it's ready to turn heads.
Item #:WWS1E0.3E0.00.11221.7-C30

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Keilwerth 1958 ‘Tone King’ Bb Tenor, w/ F#, Silver #32k (Archived)

SOLD - Rare. Stunning condition. Deluxe JK. A silver plate, professional Julius Keilwerth with high F# key, and G# trill, and the plastic guard in tact. If this is for the collector in you, I might even throw in a JK slimline mouthpiece to the sale of my baby. She is not perfect, as you can see the dreaded sax-stand scratches on the bell. 
PADS: She was rebuild elsewhere with black roo pads and plastic resos. (The pads are far too new/nice for me to be unhappy with the setup that was choosen, so I will leave them. JK would have had domed-metal resos originally.)
CASE: Original "JK" emblemed, green case in excellent condition. It's super cool to see these with the case, but they are hard to trust for safety of the plastic guard. 
Item #:CP-WWS1E5.7E8.58.10181.7-98

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Otto Link ‘Super Tone Master – 5’ Tenor, FL-Double Band – 0.081″

SOLD - Full Package: Box, ligature and cap! Who doesn't love a double-band? It arrived with a 0.079" tip that had a poor tip seal and unlevel table. I hate altering these great pieces, ...but it needed done. This era is a great era of mouthpieces and it now plays easy after the refacing work.
TONE: Huge tone/resonance in the low end, a more medium tone in the middle and high ranges. Evenness and sultry. This era is known for ....greatness.
I know you'll want to try this one.
WWS Refacing work: pending - seal plating (silver and gold on the table/entire mouthpiece!), included at the listing price.
PRICING OPTION: Ask me about refacing it, opening it up some more. Realistically, the max tip to get to on this one will be about 0.090-095". For the pricing of $1,199.00, this will also include plating the repairs.
(Thus, that is why the mouthpiece is in it's rough, arrival condition. PLATING WILL HAPPEN ONCE YOU HELP ME LOCK IN THE TIP SIZE. I only want to plate it once.)
Item#: WWS3.0S0.0S0.10201.7-C15

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