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Buescher ‘Whitehall’ Baritone, 1940s (WWS Reface) – 0.102″ (Archived)

SOLD - Custom Reface! + Large chamber! - A vintage hard rubber mouthpiece that is a copy of a vintage Buescher that I would approximate from the 1940s. This one had a large chamber and the original tip (needing some minor seal help) at 0.074" on arrival. Now it measures 0.102". it is an easy blower and has a big sound. It must be a unique blend because you seldom see a large chamber that remains with a high-rollover baffle. Large chamber & high baffle from custom reface. Item: WWSL4.7W6.12151.6-018

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Berg Larsen ‘110-2-x’ Tenor, 1940s Duckbill, Boat tail, (RAC reface)- 0.105″

$460.00 - Saved by Bob Carpenter (due to a poor refacer), this is one of the rarest of the rare Bergs and it comes with original brass ligature and cap! It was messed up arriving at an unplayable 0.080" but Bob brought it back up to 105! wow. Considering that this mouthpiece was badly altered previously, I can't ask the +$700 that these demand. I will price it at a comparable vintage Berg price. SOUND: It play very bright! I would give it a label of "105-0-L" for custom measurements. The 105 being the tip, the "0" being the very bright baffle tone, and the "L" for the 48mm "long" facing length. Item: WWS2.2S5.11291.5-BC75

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Other ‘Penzel Mueller “New York”‘ Tenor, Hard Rubber – 0.065”

$45.00 - Is this a from a Brilhart "Hard Rubber" blank??? After a customer noticed the similarities to the Brilhart "Hard Rubber" mouthpiece design, I looked into this one further. Under inspection:
-yes, the side walls vs the rounded walls.
-the HR has a longer beak tooth pad, but shorter overall mpc length.
-the HR has more of a roll-over baffle (I think this is true also prior to the refacing of the HR in the photo too).
= however, I would not put this two mouthpieces in the same "sound" category... but there may be something to say about the potential of the similar rubber material being used due to their resemblance. Although, I lean toward pointing out the color of their rubbers. That doesn't rule the PM mouthpiece out though. Perhaps these Penzel-Mueller mouthpieces are in the "deep sleeper" category for tone, price, and popularity. Item:WWSL4.7W6.12151.6-010

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