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Martin 1926 ‘Handcraft’ Bb Soprano, Gold Plate #75k

$2,500-2800.00 (ON HOLD) - Serial #75k, Straight Bb soprano in rare, gold plate (worn), lots of silver showing. I might restore the gold. I will review this on arrival and consider the restoration plans. Original case. Martin sopranos are some of Sarge's and my favorites! They are well-built in strong metal. Intonation is easy to enjoy and I'll test a few mouthpieces when possible. 2500-2800 Depending on Gold repair options during rebuild Item #: WWS8.2E4.95.1121.6-0C

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Keilwerth 1965 ‘The New King’ Bb Soprano, Nickel Plated #54k

$2,200.00 - serial # 54,xxx original nickel in excellent condition, WWS premium rebuild ($1049) 2005 by the Sarge ($priceless)with black roo pads($70), and teflon and ultrasuede throughout. It has the inline palm keys too like the earlier design. It's not a Couf in design, but they are linked by lineage--Grover Washington Jr. sound. CASE: Original hard case. It Comes with original case in good shape AND a "Bari" brand mouthpiece($+70). You're talking $1200 at cost already into the sax!

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Conn 1927 ‘New Wonder II – “Chu Berry”‘ Bb Soprano, Gold Plate #196k

ON HOLD - $2,899.00 - A nice condition Chu keyed to high F with serial # 196K and the traditional nailfile G#. Gold Plate looks good at 90% intact! These are good players and are a bit rarer in gold plate; Conn changed the length of the soprano during the Chu span and this one is 25.5" tall. The sax shows some wear with minor scratches and small dings, bell lip shows repairs as if it was bent before--looks pretty good overall; I did preliminary smoothing. These are great vintage sopranos and this one is a beauty too. They are top of the line, well respected, unique tone that will woe the crowd and solid investments that you get to play and enjoy over time! I will do a complete rebuild with our "Vintage Standard" set up, Prestini NS tan lambskin pads and flat metal reso's.

CASE: It has a brand NEW Protec case too! ($100+)

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Selmer 1952 ‘Super Balanced Action’ Bb Tenor, #53,15x (Archived)

SOLD - There is no need to talk much about this sax's quality. It plays with a smoky tone as expected, with the warmth and clarity of an SBA. The finish is an 85% relacquer. Superb Serial #53,xxx with Mark VI-style bell keyguard!!! (I love this! because I hate the earlier design; from my Technician's point of view.) It also comes with vintage Selmer "Centered Tone" wood Clarinet! ($$$) The clarinet does play all the way down also, however, I would recommend some major repadding on it too.

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Martin 1957 ‘The Martin Tenor’ Bb Tenor, #202k

$3,099.00 - (AVAILABLE- Rebuild Complete) Another great Martin here at WWS. It's a 75% Original Lacquer "The Martin Tenor" purchased from the 2nd owner. These are super hard to find and always in high demand. The serial numbers match on the Neck and Body #202k dates it to 1957, Martin's have a great tone that is quickly becoming very well respected in the market--clean tone, resonant low end!, even tone throughout, and better than average ergos for the vintage sax world. CASE: Original case was in rough-stinky shape... So I will be pairing this sax with a NEW PROTEC CASE ($142). It's getting our Vintage Standard Rebuild with large flat metal resonators (75% sizing, which is larger than Standard) and natural cork throughout. Item#:WWS12.0S0.251.5-C5-17

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Buescher 1967 ‘400’ Bb Tenor #429k

$1,999.00 - This is a nice 400 model made about a year after the Selmer takeover ser. # 429,xxx. The finish is original and to me, looks very handsome. It has the same body, neck with underslung octave mechanism and keywork as the famous older brother the "Top Hat" model, but with nickel plated keys. Buescher still made great 400's through the sixties, this one was made appx. 1967. It has a warm centered tone, but can be pushed hard with a metal mouthpiece. The Lacquer is original and about 85%, but the neck and the inside of the bell are nearly worn to bare brass.
These are some of the most undervalued horns on the vintage market.
Ready to Go! (ask me about my available cases to pair with it)

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