King 1948 ‘Zephyr’ Eb Baritone, Series II #295k

1948 King ZEPHYR, Series II, Baritone

Price: $2,199.00 (ON HOLD)

(no new case) + new case option (+$210-300)

  • Year:  1948
  • Make:  King
  • Model: Zephyr
  • Status:  For Sale!
  • Finish: Original Lacquer
  • Serial Number: 295,xxx
#295k, Original finish! RESPECTFUL "Player's horn" modifications! Rotated Body tube for offset reach (comfort), ...The original case is still very cool, but perhaps will not be able to be saved due to age and odor. I am glad to discuss options here with the new owner.

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    BARITONEs-Super20,423-Zephyr,295-BuescherBundy,887-Yani9930silver, Sound File 6-2016

Item #:WWS07.0W0.6261.5-2-C