Selmer 1980s ‘USA Omega’ Eb Alto, Silver Plate #824k

1980s Selmer USA [Professional Omega] alto sax, in silver plate!

Price: $2,299.00

(Was $2,699.00)

  • Year:  1980s
  • Make:  Selmer
  • Model: USA Omega
  • Status:  For Sale
  • Finish: Original Silver plate
  • Serial Number: 824,xxx

ser# 824,xxx. PROFESSIONAL Selmer from the 1980s. Rare Silver plate in 97% condition. These are one of the best kept secrets in the sax world.--pro sax, "selmer", with all the ergos and tone you're after. Most people mistake the "USA" on the bell for the later student-line. Do not be fooled! She arrived with a few missing screws (I will replace with silver ones to match!)

REBUILD: The specifics are yet to be decided. I would love to plan a Full Rebuild on this one with special pads and/or resonators. I'll shine up all the silver, and help her sing the doors down!

CASE: Comes with a great Selmer hard case (like the Series I, II, III have) without the leather wrap, although the handles were repaired. Ask me about those.
Cosmetic Rating: 9.0
This sax will be a super cool sax!

Sound files of actual sax:
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    ALTOs File-JeffK-on-Buffet_S-1_#27k--Conn_6M_262k--Selmer_USA_Omega_824k--King_Super20_Silversonic_477k--MPC Selmer Short shank refaced to 99

Item #: WWS11.2E5.77.1131.5-C0