The Keilwerth Alto Sax arrived this evening. It is an incredible horn. In its summary you remarked that it has a booming low-end and darkness to the JKalto9026_007entire sound - I agree. It's just amazing. It is everything and more than what I expected. I appreciate the work you did on it. It's in great condition. When I saw the horn available on your website, I anticipated that it would be a great horn. I had been looking at new Keilwerths - especially the Shadow models for alto and tenor, but I did not want to pay what is being asked for them. A vintage horn was a great way to get the alto sax with the quality I was looking for. One day I hope to purchase a Keilwerth New King from you as I expect the quality from you will be just as great.


Thanks again,


Larry A. 


August 15, 2013

Sound File (actual sax): Conn Chu, JK New King, Dolnet II 

Sound File (actual sax): Julius Keilwerth New King, Buffet SDA, The Martin Alto, Buescher 400

Larry from California, USA just received a Julius Keilwerth "The New King" after it gained a WWS Vintage Standard Rebuild. It is great to know that this sax has a new, loving home after once being in Sarge's Collection.

Larry A., "The New King" alto, from California USA,