Thank you for another dream of a horn!

BUFF239AThere we are, Chadd!

Buffet S1 unpacked and played at rehearsal in my little big band  yesterday. Very distinct appearance, technical perfect, nice case! Not a surprise in view of the alto in 2012, but so very much satisfying!! With a Vandoren piece,T75 metal, I get a clear rounded sound (- with a proper piece this horn might sound strictly classical as well - not my business nowadays...). I have a feeling that the tenor part gets more distinct in between the alto and the bari. And as you hinted: A vast potential for PUNCH, good heavens!!!! (Why didn’t I do this earlier?). So what can I do? Thank you for another dream of a horn!

I constantly tell my friends about your saxes and your skill. Wish you all the best for that business!!

Yours sincerely

Espen H-N

April 23, 2014

Espen, from Norway, just order his SECOND Buffet S1. Alto the first time, the second one here was a tenor and from Sarge's personal Collection. I know it will be in good hands.

Espen H-N, Buffet "S1" Tenor, from Norway,