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Brilhart ‘Tonalin 4*’ Alto, 1968-69 – 0.073″

$199.00 - 1968-69 no serial #. Tip at 0.073". I happen to know a little history from this mouthpiece's journey to be able to date it. Although no serial #, I happen to know what horn the fellow was playing. If I link these two eras, they both line up with about 1968-9. I will have Bob C fill in the tooth pad, and I inspected the tip. The tip arrived in nice condition but the table has some bumps from in the case. We'll make this play great! Original Tip was: 0.073". Reface stayed the same 0.073" with an adjustment to the beginning of the curve.

Item:Item: WWS00.0S0.10171.6-C.B30

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Buescher 1950 ‘400 – “Top Hat & Cane”‘ Eb Alto, #333,7xx (Archived)

SOLD - (Consignment Sale: Plays Excellent!) ser # 333,7xx, These are fantastic altos--well respected, better than average ergos. This example is in excellent condition, Original Lacquer, They maintain the Buescher warmed but have a bigger sound from their exponential bore and the big bell. Comes in a nice vintage case. The original snap in system is intact, so Sarge did a complete "Original Buescher" style rebuild, with metal backed-press in pads and then snap in the original metal domes with natural cork throughout...and it will all go for:

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