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Brilhart ‘Tonalin 4*’ Alto, 1968-69 – 0.073″

$199.00 - 1968-69 no serial #. Tip at 0.073". I happen to know a little history from this mouthpiece's journey to be able to date it. Although no serial #, I happen to know what horn the fellow was playing. If I link these two eras, they both line up with about 1968-9. I will have Bob C fill in the tooth pad, and I inspected the tip. The tip arrived in nice condition but the table has some bumps from in the case. We'll make this play great! Original Tip was: 0.073". Reface stayed the same 0.073" with an adjustment to the beginning of the curve.

Item:Item: WWS00.0S0.10171.6-C.B30

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Meyer ‘6M “J”‘ Baritone, Modern – 0.103” (Archived)

SOLD - A modern hard Rubber, medium chamber, and lower baffle mouthpiece. I can inspect the table and do minor refacing adjustments to create excellent seal. Just ask. Tip at 0.099" (compare to a Selmer C* at 0.080), These have a focus and good core suitable for many jazz players. ask me about a ligature. Compare New at $160.00.

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Other: ‘Marveltone’ Soprano, (WWS reface)- 0.067″

SOLD - Made of hard rubber, it maintains a nice warmth. It arrived with a tiny 0.052 tip so I opened it up to 0.067". It responds very nice with a 2.5 reed and has strong presence and focus. I would call this a 'short shank' style; it also has a noticeable tight, smaller shank to fit on your neck cork(12.85mm vs. a modern C* 13.55mm). Medium round chamber. sorry, no ligature included. a rovner soprano will work great.

Item #:WWS0.00.951.2-0CB30

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Claude Lakey ‘7*’ Soprano, (WWS reface)- 0.068″+

$80.00 - Rubber, arrived with a modified tip at 0.068" by some bozo. I think I can help it play great and improve cosmetically. INSPECTION REQUIRED (WWS refacing work) no ligature, on arrival. Ask me for extras if I can help with the ligature. used condition. Ask me to inspect/perfect the tip seal.
Item #: WWS3S7.34.441.6-018

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