Brilhart ‘Ebolin 5*’ Baritone, 1970s No Ser# – 0.074″

Brilhart 'Ebolin 5*' Bari, 1970s

Price: $145.00
  • Make: Brilhart
  • Model:   Ebolin
  • Number: 5*
  • Era:  1970s
  • Status: For Sale!
  • Ligature: Yes!
  • Facing:  Original
  • Tip-Size:  0.074"

vintage plastic mouthpiece with good material; no serial number keeps the price lower!. The original tip is at 0.074" , vertical table markings. side-walled chamber and a true Brilhart-tonalin-ebolin sound = clean, simple, warm. Less cut in the tone.

There is a small chip in the tip rail. For that reason, I will need to do some minor refacing (included). Expect the tip to get bigger. If you want to steer it larger, I can discuss that for an additional, small fee.

Item: WWSL4S0.0S0.03012.1-L024-C50