Buescher 1930 ‘True Tone’ Eb Alto, Series IV, #258k

1930 Buescher "True Tone" Series IV Alto

Price: $1,739.00 Rebuilt

Rebuilt Price includes new Springs ($210)

$589.00 As-is

  • Year:  1930-31
  • Make:  Buescher
  • Model: True Tone, Series IV
  • Status:  For Sale
  • Finish: Original Lacquer - 1930
  • Serial Number: 258,28x

(On Consignment - Does Not Play; Needs Rebuild)

A hard to find early Buescher in a nice, deep lacquer and in overall very good condition.   it comes with steel needle springs, not gold Nortons; and all snaps present for the resos. The late model TT has a 4-cluster roller setup that is far superior to the early era with the pearl-G#key. Neck stamp is " * * " and is often linked to [#2] neck similarities. These are very well loved by classical players due to that history, but they can woe the crowd in any jazz scene too.

Additional Note: These did have steel needle springs on this version (not gold Nortons), the added bis rocker arm on the F# key bridge, and removal of the pants-guard-bar along the B1 area(vs series III).

WWS FINISH RESEARCH: For myself, I have to note that I looked very hard at this sax. I did not see any guarantees in one way or another for a relacquer label. But I will note that among the gunk I did see some red that looks like buffing rouge in the Eb guard top foot, and near the Eb trill key guard. Even still, the factory would have buffed a sax too. So is this factory work or after build work? There was some over buffing on the "true tone" stamping on the rear body tube, but not the serial number. The bell engraving looks like the lacquer was after the cutting - even so! this early era was a time when the companies had to experiment when they would lacquer (before or after engraving stages). 

Original lacquer: I vote YES!! I looked very close at this because I had not dated original lacquer use on a Buescher prior to 1934 (yet); of course there were rumors of Conn experimenting with lacquer in the 20s, but not formally on production. According to resources like Saxpics.com, this model was available in lacquer finish. If this is not "original", it must be the "first time lacquer"/Factory job and excellently done because I did not see any proof of poor quality work on it. I also like the deep color of the lacquer for research and personal preference.

TONE: These are the link from early True Tone models and the Aristocrat series that we are most familiar with (think: Big B). I would label these rich and sweet at the same time, whereas the Big B sometimes gets a warm-focus label.

PADS: currently in very old, dead pads. All Buescher snap in resos are present!

CASE: yes, older, green Protec rectangular case included. If you would like to consider a new Protec case upgrade, let's talk about that too.

REBUILD: use Buescher Snap-in pads or custom options; along with your preferred full rebuild work, I recommend a full spring replacement($210). This is included in the rebuild list price. It comes with steel needle springs, not gold Nortons on this model.

At an As-Is price of $549.00,  you can buy this sax also. It is very uncommon to see these in lacquer.

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