Buescher 1931 ‘The New Aristocrat’ Eb Alto, Silver, #262k

1931 Buescher "New Aristocrat" Alto

Price: $TBD
  • Year:  1931
  • Make:  Buescher
  • Model: The New Aristocrat
  • Status:  For Sale
  • Finish: Original Silver
  • Serial Number: 262,0xx

A sought after, cult following "The New Aristocrat" with silver plate in very good condition. It comes with steel needle springs, not gold Nortons; and all snaps are present for the resonators. The G#key roller lever one major improvement from early models, as well as the the added bis rocker arm on the F# key bridge. Neck stamp is " * * " and is often linked to [#2] neck similarities.  These did have steel needle springs on this version (not gold Nortons) and the added guard (1-tube of brass) for a pants-guard-bar along the B1 area. I thought this was an all silver example, no goldwash bell, however with a little polishing I began to see the lighter, almost rose gold in the bell that looks 60% worn off. I have seen some bueschers in this era with more rose(copper) color in their goldwash bells.

TONE: These are the link from early True Tone models and the Aristocrat series that we are most familiar with (think: Big B). I would label these rich and sweet at the same time, whereas the Big B sometimes gets a warm-focus label.

PADS: currently in very old pads. All Buescher snap in resos are present!

CASE: yes, original Buescher, square, wood case. If you would like to consider a new Protec case upgrade, let's talk about that option with a discount for the package.

REBUILD: I use Buescher Snap-in pads or custom options; along with your preferred full rebuild work.

New Aristocrat Sound Files... Pending...
Sound files on Buescher True Tones:
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