Buescher 1937 ‘Aristocrat I – The Aristocrat’ Eb Alto, #283k

1937 Buescher Aristocrat, series 1 Alto

Price: $1,549.00
  • Year:  1937
  • Make:  Buescher
  • Model: The Aristocrat, series 1
  • Status:  For Sale
  • Finish: Original Lacquer!
  • Serial Number: 283,54x

(ON Consignment - Plays Great! New Pads)

Gold Norton Springs, snap in resonators on metal-backed pads, (Only 3 snaps missing and that's from the common palm keys. Number 01 neck, with G# trill key and amber rollers.  Known for sweet tone and pretty easy intonation! There's medium wear on the bell from the players' grip, and mild evidence of dings removed from the back bow; also 6 past resolders (3 of which are all the Eb guard - I guess it did its job!

TONE: Aristocrat series 1 are very similar to the more known Big B (series 2) yet I would label these a little darker and more mellow.... just a tad. and sweet at the same time, whereas the Big B sometimes gets a warm-focus label.

PADS: new metal-backed pads with all Buescher snap in resos, minus x3 on the palm keys.

CASE: yes, a modern Couf, square, wood case. It's solid and safe.

Sound files on Buescher True Tones:
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    ALTOs file: 1938 Buescher Aristocrat 1, 1967 Buescher 400, 1960 Keilwerth "The New King", 1959 (error 1938) Voss ((Dörfler & Jörka)), Sound File 5-2013:

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