Buescher 1939 ‘Aristocrat I – The Aristocrat’ Bb Tenor, #290,363

1939 Buescher 'The Aristocrat' Tenor

Sale Price: $1,749.00
  • Year:  1939
  • Make:  Buescher
  • Model: The Aristocrat, series 1, version 1(small bell)
  • Status:  For Sale
  • Finish: relacquer - very nice
  • Serial Number: 290,363

(On Consignment - Good pads; on new pads)

...JUST IN!...

SPECS: small or narrow bell design, version 1 of the Aristocrat series 1. The engraving is very crisp on this sax. The original-ness of the lacquer would trick the untrained eye. The quality is really good, but the color is more reminiscent of a later era, perhaps the 1950s(?).

PADS: Good pads, no longer with snaps. resonators have increased from original size to a dome metal. Expect even more tone boost and an increase in Buescher power. The repair work was done elsewhere by a local tech, who I think did the full repad.

CASE: Yes, ... Yamaha case.

BONUS, Mouthpiece: Brilhart Level Air, metal #3. With original ligature and cap! (value add of $50-180)

Here's a Sound file to compare some Buescher Aristocrats:
  1. 1.

Item #:WWSConOH1W4.5W0.00.01212.2-C0