Buescher 1949 ‘Top Hat and Cane 400’ Bb Tenor, #326k

1949 Buescher 'Top Hat and Cane 400' Tenor

Price: now $2,899.00!
  • Year: 1949
  • Make:  Buescher
  • Model: Top Hat and Cane 400
  • Status:  For Sale
  • Finish: Original
  • Serial Number: 326,3xx

(On Consignment - Plays good!)

One of the sax world's favorite saxes - Original finish. #326k dates it to 1949. There's no need to sell this one. It's pretty, but not gorgeous... so you can play this one with the intent to enjoy it.

Negatives to mention: the obvious lacquer wear and cosmetics on the back side, and there is a small patch hidden in the underside of the octave neck.

All snaps present! Original finish, gold springs.

PADS: in good condition. local repairs done elsewhere, but I know the good tech. I'm not sure if he used metal-backed pads, or glue, but they are holding their location and seal. I think they are not metal-backed. But that doesn't cause concern to me. I think 3 pads may be vintage originals. All others were changed within last 5-20 years. (if they bother you, ask me about changing those. C#1, Opt F#, F#1)

CASE: vintage hard case. Functioning case with lots of room for packing material (if shipping is needed). You can inquire about a Protec XL upgrade if needed.

MOUTHPIECE: bonus mouthpiece, a vintage "Buescher" white plastic.

Sound Files on Buescher 400 Tenors!
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    TENOR- VI_ChuTranny_B400THC
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