Buescher 1955 ‘Aristocrat IV – 157’ Bb Tenor, #356k

1955 Buescher "Aristocrat" Tenor, series IV

Price: $2,299.00 Rebuilt

$1,399.00 As-is (small tune up may be included)

  • Year:  1955
  • Make:  Buescher
  • Model: Aristocrat, series IV/157
  • Status:  For Sale
  • Finish: Original
  • Serial Number: 356,97x

(On Consignment - Plays OK/Rough, tune up needed)

Cousin to the Top Hat & Cane, I would label these "Model: 400, series III". Get a TH&C tone for 60% less cost!

I wish these were labelled as "Model: 400, series III" (or so). I think these models need better labeled because they are more of a "400" model body and keys than an Aristocrat. I consider these to be some of the best bargain/undervalued saxes in the market. You get the engineering designs of previous 400 models with a few changes to neck braces, octave triggers, guard designs, no silver bell ring(underside), but the big bell and 400 rear bell keys.

In original lacquer and nickel keys. The sax is in overall really good condition with signs of use and wear. It will be a great sax to love and play in whatever venue you want - main sax, killer backup, or a sleeper.

TONE: Fat - Warm - Bold - Spread. I played this sax side by side Sarge's THC B400 and I have to tell you that they are close as I've eluded. Obviously it's not a $4000 THC but the core tones are there. The older model is darker as expected and there is a little more 'presence' or 'treble' in this sax, a little more focus - due to years later and the neck design changes. To attempt saying it in Seattle coffee terms: this sax is a 2-shot Latte vs the THC with is a 3-shot Americano.

PADS: currently mixed with older and newer, recommending a full rebuild (included in price). It plays right now though! You can hear the killer tone and it a pro player was recently in the shop and gave this sax a 2nd and 3rd look. "a killer back up sax... or cheaper, main sax option!"

CASE: yes, older Protec rectangular case included. Missing 1 of 5 bottom bumpers but all zipper work great.

An As-Is price on this sax is currently posted for consideration.

Sound files...Using Buescher 400s

-Track 1&2 : ACTUAL SAX

-Track 7 & 8 on Buescher 400s ~#429k

  1. 1.
    TENORs 4x: 1973 Selmer #216k, 1964 LeBlanc Rationale #790, 1955 Conn 10M #566k, 1955 Buescher AristoIV-157 #356k on MPC: Noblet N2 0.090", Sound File 11-2019
  2. 2.
    TENORS-Three_Buescher_400s-Late 1970s #644k,1955 #356k Aristocrat IV-157, Sarge's 1949-#325k Top Hat & Cane THC(black pads!) - on a rubber Berg 110-2-SMS, Sound File 07-2019
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  4. 4.
  5. 5.
    TENOR- VI_ChuTranny_B400THC
  6. 6.
  7. 7.
  8. 8.

See Track 1 above to hear these 4 saxes in a Sound File:

Item #:WWSConPS0W9.0W1.04141.9-C0