Buescher 1963 ‘Buescher 400’ Eb Alto #394k

1963 "Buescher 400" Alto

Price: $1,499.00
  • Year:  1963
  • Make:  Buescher
  • Model: 400/S-5; Post TH&C
  • Status: For Sale
  • Finish: Original
  • Serial Number: 394,42x

(On Consignment - Plays Rough, but enough to get a vibe)

Want a Top Hat & Cane for half the price? This is your best bet.

Big 400 bell, Lacquer body nickel keys, Original pads and snap in resos. This late era is very much like the TH&C but a cheaper option to consider. Big bell flare, rear bell keys, Gold Norton spring system, and all snaps are present! Some dents and dings will get some attention during the rebuild and they should come out nicely.

Depending on who you ask, these are the Buescher 400, series II or III, or "Post Top Hat & Cane". The neck is original, with no brace by design, and it is odd that in Buescher's history they went away from the underslung neck and then brought it back on later B400's.

Rebuild included with price/As Is price option TBD. Recommendations: consider a "thick, non-buescher pad with shellac to glue in". We can discuss it.

CASE: yes, York case. I would like to save this case/restore it from the smells. However, if you prefer a new one, I can offer a case at discount due to sax purchase.

Sound Files on "late B400s":
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