Buffet 1964 ‘Super Dynaction (SDA)’ Bb Tenor, #10,8xx

1964 Buffet Super Dynaction (SDA) Tenor

Sale Price: $1,999.00
  • Year:  1964
  • Make:  Buffet
  • Model:  Super Dynaction (SDA)
  • Status:  For Sale!
  • Finish:  Original Lacquer
  • Serial Number: 10,852

(On Consignment - plays good on original pads!)

Original Lacquer at about 95%+, this SDA is listed with WWS from the original owner/family. It's a "one-owner" horn that was purchased new and used for only 3 years. It has been in the case for 50+ years! This is sax has two unique traits as well: the "Super Dynaction" font is from the early era with more straight, blocky-ness to the design; also the neck angle is very unique and have a flatter design overall and an upward tilt. there is no evidence of neck damage or repairs to explain this. ***flatter neck designs are associated with a cleaner, free blowing sound that often produces more volume and punch. See SML rev D/Gold Medal, and the exaggerated concept with Conn C-Melodies from the 1920s -- and the flatter, 'alto style' necks are better playing instruments.

Buffet Super Dynaction saxes are French in design and smooth in action, and also heavy in build - built like tanks! These are strongly linked to the Selmer (French) Mark VI tone and usually are ranked #2 most like it. A common ergonomic mention is the limited space on the right hand in the 'airspace' about the pearls - but technically speaking, you aren't supposed to lift your fingers more than needed anyway.

PADS: The pads are original and are in excellent condition for that fact. But the upper palm keys show the most moisture wear as is expected. I was able to force a low Bb note out, I sense at least a small adjustment needed somewhere on the sax.

CASE: Comes with a original Buffet hard case with at least 1 key!

BONUS: Original mouthpiece, ligature and cap; also the French lyre.

Sound Files on Buffet SDA's to enjoy:
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    Tenors_3x-Buffet-Super-Dynaction(SDA)14k_JK-Buffet-Expression-98k_Couf-Superba-1-98k_on-Brilhart-BergLarsen105-2-SMS, woodgrain, Sound File-5-2017
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    Tenors_3x-Buffet-Super-Dynaction(SDA)14k_JK-Buffet-Expression-98k_Couf-Superba-1-98k_on-Brilhart-Tonalin-5-085, Sound File-5-2017
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    TENORs file: French Set: Selmer Mark VI vs. Buffet Super Dynaction (SDA) vs. SML Gold Medal - COMPARISON OF 3 FRENCH MADE TENORS
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