Keilwerth 1960 ‘The New King’ Bb Tenor, #63,589

1963 Keilwerth "The New King" Tenor

Price: $2,199.00
  • Year:  1969~
  • Make:  Julius Keilwerth
  • Model:  The New King
  • Status:  For Sale
  • Finish:  Original Lacquer and Nickel plate
  • Serial Number: 63,589

***#1) I am biased and love JK saxes; and play on a Couf tenor. 

General description:      ...Coming soon...

TONE: Keilwerth tone: warmer, rounder, more spread, full of harmonics. See the Sound Files below.

PADS: It arrived with the current pad set up as tan pads with plastic domed resos. It will be sold with these pads tuned up, aligned and adjusted as needed.***Pricing TBD based on needed repairs. estimate: "$2,199.00 sale, tuned up and Playing Excellent."

REBUILD: Not needed at this time.

CASE: Currently with a vintage case. Upgrade option: New Protec ProPac XL case (+$181.00). It is a molded hard case with storage and shoulder strap.

Sound Files on various JK models (& Couf):

Keilwerth tone: warmer, rounder, more spread, full of harmonics...

  1. 1.
    TENORs-4xKeilwerths- The New King #47k, Tone King #55k, Tone King Special #53k, Couf Superba 1 #79k - MPC Berg108-2-SMS - Sound File 6-2020
  2. 2.
    TENORs-4x_Conn Chu New Wonder II #243k, Keilwerth Tone King #37k-Plastic wF#, The Martin Tenor #166k, Conn 10M #H42k, on an early Berg 105 boat tail, Sound File 10-2017
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
    Tenors_3x-Buffet-Super-Dynaction(SDA)14k_JK-Buffet-Expression-98k_Couf-Superba-1-98k_on-Brilhart-BergLarsen105-2-SMS, woodgrain, Sound File-5-2017
  6. 6.
    Tenors_3x-Buffet-Super-Dynaction(SDA)14k_JK-Buffet-Expression-98k_Couf-Superba-1-98k_on-Brilhart-Tonalin-5-085, Sound File-5-2017
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