Selmer 1953 ‘Super Balanced Action’ Bb Tenor, with F#, #51,18x (Archived)

1953 Selmer 'Super Balanced Action' Tenor #51k

Price: SOLD
  • Year:  1953
  • Make:  Selmer
  • Model:  Super Balanced Action (SBA)
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish:  Relacquer
  • Serial Number: 51,185

(Consignment Listing - Plays Great)

A two-owner horn that was played and loved. It was being held in the closet awaiting the kids to learn it (who never did) and the owner knows that a sax of this caliber belongs in the world playing beautiful music. It has limited signs of damage - dings and pings included, the only mark worth mentioning is the left side of the neck. It will make anyone happy with the condition, the pad life, the good case, and high F# key. This F#3 key was a rare add on that you don't see come for sale very often. I can't overstate that detail enough. From my tech point of view, I also prefer the later SBA model due to the change in Bb/B bell guard that used the three-foot support to stabilize the bell keys from going out of adjustment.

FINISH: It was loved enough to be preserved through a "Selmer tone relacquer" and it was very well done. The yellow hue is a modern yellow, matching what reminds me of the 1970s-80s era of Selmer.

PADS: They are tan pads with plastic, domed resonators (Selmer Style pad work) with lots of life left. The sax was fully rebuilt at the time of these pads installed ($1,200+).

CASE: a newer, Protec, molded case ($$$) in very good condition. (It is currently paired with the backpack strap $25 that is included, unless you'd like to leave that behind for a small discount)

Sound files of SBA's to enjoy:

***Actual Sax on TRACK 1 & 2 below

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    TENORs: The Martin Tenor #166k, Selmer SBA #51k, Selmer Mark VI 3103k - Sound File 2019 with Jonny U
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    TENORs-3x--Selmer SBA 53k, Selmer Mark VI 108k, Conn 10M 295k on a 1960s Dukoff D8 nickel-plated brass