Vito ‘[YAS-23] Vito’ Eb Alto, made in Japan #556k

Vito [YAS 23 copy] Alto Sax

Price: $500.00
  • Year: 1980-2000?
  • Make: Vito
  • Model: [Yamaha 23]
  • Status:  For Sale!
  • Finish: Lacquer, Nickel Keys
  • Serial Number: 556xxx

Vito is the little brother to Yamaha. serial #556xxx, still modern construction for comfort, gold lacquer, nickel key (good for kids), no high F# but a great tone! These have very comfortable, modern keywork and should not hinder any student getting started.

Aside from normal wear and tear, the neck receiver needed the neck-screw brazed on again (high heat, for proper fix).

CASE: Nice rectangle, hard case, with wrap.
Cosmetic condition rating: 7.5

PC work pending!

Item #:WWW0E1.9E4.99.6211.7-C0