“How do I try a ‘WWS stock’ Sax?”

You can make an appointment to come in and play it, but if you are out of Washington state, you must pay for the sax and shipping (your choice of shipping, as you pay for it) in advance, then we ship it to you.  once you receive it you have three days to play it and decide if you love it, or want to return it.  You must let me know via email or phone, by the third day's end, or it is sold.  if you decide to return it,  it must be packaged same as it was received and shipped back on the fourth day (or sooner).  As soon as it is received here, you will be refunded all but your shipping and any paypal , etc. fees,  asap.

***Customizing of a WWS stock for Trial that goes beyond standards alters the amount we can offer in a refund for a return. Options vary, but for instance: adding a Premium with some Noyak resos on your Special Pads.  ...well we can't give you a full refund for all the custom work. that will slow the sale of that sax; it was built for your desires.  So a partial refund would be possible.  Usually 30-50% of the custom extras can be refunded.