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Other: Connetable ‘Metallic – Benny Carter #5’ Alto, (RAC Reface)- 0.072″

SOLD - A huge, large chamber mouthpiece that has a design that reminds me of an Otto Link Master model (plus, the lig has a thick read plate too). It was originally silver plated, as you can see, and I've opted to leave the plating original for now. You are free to request some silver plating. Shank markings: "3 Rue Duperre" ... which may have been the place of manufacturing! ... it is currently an address in Paris that is about 2.5 miles NE of the Eiffel Tower.
Refaced by Expert refacer Bob Carpenter, and final finishing work precision done by Chadd here at WWS. It is a unusually neat mouthpiece. We were glad to save it.
A very easy blower, even with the tip size. It plays with a MEDIUM-warm tone quality, mostly dark with the ability to push it over the top.
Please inquire for additional information.
Item: WWS00.00.11111.7-BC40

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Conn ‘Eagle’ Baritone, 1920s – 0.070″

SOLD - The original tip is 0.070" right now. Help direct us to how best to size the time to you (It will likely not go higher than 0.105"). Notice the lower walls cutout for comfort - cool! A great large chamber mouthpiece made of hard rubber mouthpiece from the golden era. If you want it closer to original with minor inspections and enhancements, the price will be $229.00
These were commonly paired with New Wonder I or II saxes originally.
Item #:WWSL8E3.11091.7-003

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Other: ‘No Name’ Soprano, Rubber – 0.057″ (Archived)

SOLD - Played in tune on Buescher TrueTone! Rubber, arrived with an original tip that was too closed to enjoy.  LARGE CHAMBER, and a slight rollover baffle from the reface. The look of the mouthpiece reminds me of some older King mpcs; but I am not certain on that.
Now refaced to about 0.057", I am happy to admit that I found this mouthpiece to be a great pair for Buescher True Tone Sopranos! = improved intonation!

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Otto Link ‘Super Tone Master – 5’ Tenor, FL-Double Band – 0.081″

SOLD - Full Package: Box, ligature and cap! Who doesn't love a double-band? It arrived with a 0.079" tip that had a poor tip seal and unlevel table. I hate altering these great pieces, ...but it needed done. This era is a great era of mouthpieces and it now plays easy after the refacing work.
TONE: Huge tone/resonance in the low end, a more medium tone in the middle and high ranges. Evenness and sultry. This era is known for ....greatness.
I know you'll want to try this one.
WWS Refacing work: pending - seal plating (silver and gold on the table/entire mouthpiece!), included at the listing price.
PRICING OPTION: Ask me about refacing it, opening it up some more. Realistically, the max tip to get to on this one will be about 0.090-095". For the pricing of $1,199.00, this will also include plating the repairs.
(Thus, that is why the mouthpiece is in it's rough, arrival condition. PLATING WILL HAPPEN ONCE YOU HELP ME LOCK IN THE TIP SIZE. I only want to plate it once.)
Item#: WWS3.0S0.0S0.10201.7-C15

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