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Our rare collection of beauty, education, research and unique items.


This is the "meat and potatoes" of what WWS has added in 'sharable' knowledge to the sax world. This is the info that is likely the most helpful and fun to look at.  I have appreciated all the great feedback on these areas.  Sarge & I also put together some Serial Numbers that are hard to find: SML, Keilwerth, King Zephyrs & Super 20s.

Our Finest

Collections of some of the best saxophones that have come through the shop. These pages are a chance for us to feature some of the favorite jobs over the years. This is perhaps 10% of the work that passes through WWS. Sometimes our finest work is done on the least likely of horns... it doesn't have to be a five digit Selmer to be a fine sounding sax.



Comprised mostly of WWS "Sold" items, use this area for research, like a museum. It will also include a few saxes that are documented as they are/were in a Collection -- Sarge's, Chadd's, Bob's or a client's. Feel free to come scan, study and inquire on anything you find here. I hope this helps you research the needed bit of info that you were seeking to find.

We will transfer over a lot of past inventory; however, we won't keep everything that we see or sell, just some great ones to remember.

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