Student Outreach

Student Outreach

(Under Construction/Future Outreach plans!)
If I could shorten my personal story into an impacting truth, it would go like this:

I didn't have a lot of money growing up and when I got my first "real" sax & mouthpiece, I truly fell in love with music, saxophone, and learning.It's hard to believe where it has taken me thus far.

I hope this page turns into a donation portal where I can invite you to join us in encouraging kids to pursue the positive learning environments of music and saxophones.

Jupiter 669 Alto sax

Our $600.00 Goal Fundraser Bar (currently at 70%)

All money applied to this Jupiter 669 Alto sax will be updated daily.

Donation is planned for _________ of ______ high school!


If you are an educator or parent who who would like to nominate someone from your school, please contact me to see if I can provide a suitable option.

2010 - Sarge & Chadd

We donated our repair services on two saxes for "Sax-o-thon". Chris Hutter donated these to local kids in need and inspired more lifelong sax players.

Glad we could help!
Pictured: Mick Watson (local Sax-o-thon), "Sarge" & Chadd
Christmas 2010

We met up with Mick to hand off the saxes. They were going to a passionate student in the Lake Stevens area. It was a joy to be a part of this effort. (As you can see, it stuck with  me to help this become a growing wing of WWS.)



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