Lay Away Purchase Plan

LAY AWAY Purchase Plan:

We do accept Layaways, for 90 days maximum, with no finance charge. Deposits are a minimum of 25%. You must agree to pay for the item within the 90 day period, or forfeit your deposit. Layaways do not have our 3-Day Trial Policy, but we do guarantee to deliver the sax as described.

~25% DEP required. Recommend idea: another 25% at Day 30-45, 25% at Day 45-70, Remaining 25% at Day 70-90.

Layaway REBUILD (of your sax or WWS stock): Work will not start on a sax until 50% is in the DEP. Balance due within two weeks of finish date. You have the option to delay the start date since it takes about 10 days from start to finish.

Consignment Sales

WorldwideSax Consignment Sales Policies:

Consignment sales are always “AS IS” items. We do not do any work on them, unless specified at the time of sale and paid for in advance by customer.

We do, however, play each sax and help by rating them as:

  1. “Playable as is”.
  2. “Needs adjustments to play correctly”
  3. “Needs rebuild to play correctly”

Consignment sales have no guarantees, however you do have a three (3) day “Trial Period” in which to decide if you want to keep the consignment, or return it (some saxes specific "no trial" in the description at the owner's request). You are responsible for shipping and insurance both ways. Worldwide Sax's restocking fee will apply and all funds received will be refunded, except for shipping and pre-approved repairs.

To have WorldwideSax sell your sax "On Consignment":

  1. Contact Us. We'll fill out a Consignment Agreement Form together to establish the selling price range and other details.
  2. Our fee is 20% ($300 min.). If you hire WWS to first rebuild it and then Consign it, the fee is 14% ($250.00 min.).
  3. If you pull your sax Out of Consignment. $50 admin fee. (effective on consignments 3/2012)
  4. Your sax will Auto Renew monthly and lock for the 30-day increments.

It's pretty simple. That's my goal.

VIP Scout List

Simple Policy:

  • It is a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time. It is your responsibility to end the subscription.
  • Once you're on the list, no one can jump ahead of you in line!
  • (Example: 2 guys want "Otto Link Florida double-band #7 tenor mouthpiece". The fellow who was first on the VIP List, gets the first email from us. It's pretty simple.)
  • Only ONE item may be declared per Subscription. However, you can purchase as many as you want. Ex: #1 for [  a sax  ] and #2 for [  a mouthpiece  ]...etc.
  • Currently, money does not apply toward later purchase.

Shop Space

Leaving a sax in the shop too long:

We are a small shop and can not store your instrument for over 90 days (pre- or post-rebuild. If you leave your instrument over 90 days and we can not get a hold of you at the number/information you left us, we will assume you are no longer interested in your sax and we will either sell it, or assume ownership of it.  No exceptions.  Every shop in business has this policy, most say 30 days.  It is your obligation to keep in touch with us, not ours to find you. (This policy does not apply to "active" Rebuilds,  orders, or Consignment Agreements which are Auto Renewed.)

3-Day Trials

For Saxes & Mouthpieces:

The item must be paid in full before it leaves WorldwideSax.

Customers returning a saxophone from a 3-day trial are subject to a $30.00 Handling Fee (for cleaning and restocking). You must contact Worldwide Sax within the 3-Days of the  online "Delivery" time stamping; that is the official time window. If the request is after that 3-day window, the Late Fee structure is set up as follows:

  • 1 day late,  extra fee $10.00 (+ $30.00 handling fee)
  • 2 days late,  extra fee $15.00 + ($30 + $10)
  • 3 days late,  extra fee $20.00 + ($30+ $10 +$15)  etc, add 5 dollars for additional each day over 3 days late, and a fee of  2% of the saxophone or mouthpieces website price, until the 14th day passes.  No exceptions.  There can be no returns whatsoever, after two weeks have passed.

All "3-day trials" DO NOT APPLY to visitors or local customers who test the sax in the shop; unless we discuss it as part of the needed commitment on your end (Example: a lesson teacher has to approve it). Your local trial option can be discussed, but not guaranteed on every item.

For Mouthpieces: NO RESTOCK FEE! The rest of the policy described above does apply.