Mouthpiece Repair

Mouthpiece Refacing & Repair

Inspections, Minor Repairs, & Refacing = Happy Playing

Refacing & Repairs

Refacing, Tip Seal, Tooth Grooves, Customization
  • Refacing: Unofficial Quote: $119 for Rubber, $160 for Metals. (plating to seal the work is additional) 
  • Inspection, Corrosion Treatment, & Minor enhancements: $35.00~
  • Tooth Groove Repair: usually incorporated with Refacing orders but can be ordered solo. 
  • Script Ink Enhancement - Black or Gold or (white etc...ask for custom):
    • Gold is what Bob uses on all his signature pieces, Selmer touches and many others that want to add some flare to the logos.
    • Black on Chadd's Tonalin. (Before & After), the white plastic white doesn't bond as well, but it can help some.


Basic Care: $20-40.00 Inspection, Corrosion Treatment, & Minor enhancements
Refacing: $119-160.00 $119 for Rubber, $160 for Metals. (plating to seal the work is additional), Curve Inspection, Corrosion Treatment, & Minor Enhancements included.
Tooth groove repair: $0.00-30.00 Usually incorporated with Refacing orders but can be ordered solo. (Commonly seen on: Brilhart Level Air, Dukoff silverite's, Tonalin's, Personaline's, ...and multiple hard rubber/plastic mouthpieces)  

Before (Worn)

Second Step: Silver

Mouthpiece Repair Examples

Sadly, I only have time to document 1% of these...

MC Gregory Alto

Reface: Copying an Original for a Customer

We had a customer contact us about his MC Gregory Hollywood mouthpiece that matched one in our inventory. So he sent it in and through a long process, I was able to adjust the curve and reset his - someone had messed it up: curve, tip, seal and all. I was very happy with this project and how it came out: playability and cosmetics. To be honest, my refacing one played better than the original (I just couldn't mess with the gorgeous inventory "original" because until the new owner allowed me to change the originality.)

Otto Link 'Double Band - 6*S' Tenor

Table, Curve, Seal - Reface

Worthy of respect! - On arrival, an improper tip measurement at 0.082", now a 0.099"! (or a Link 6**) It arrived with an improper curve and tip size. All repairs were sealed with silver & gold plating. The archived listing is HERE with 18 photos.

Woodwind Co. Tenor

Large Chamber, High Baffle, Major Custom Reface for Customer.

Helped this customer/friend custom fit this one during the reface as we tested this mouthpiece several times to adjust the baffle to the proper back pressure for this Conn Chu Tenor. I think we ended up leaving it at 0.115"!

Phil Barone Tenor

Clean Up, Tooth Pad, Curve Inspection, Replating For Customer

That's some serious, long-term plating... and leaving your read on it... and trying to fix your tooth pad with JB weld perhaps. I promise our gold was more yellow than the photos came out. 

Otto Link 'Tone Master - 5' Tenor

Seal & Refacing

This one is "pending plating" and final finesse because I was offering it as-is for those who wanted it in the original finish. It arrived at the #5 around 0.080" and currently sits at a smooth-blowing 0.085". I tried to keep this one as original as possible.

Dukoff 'D6 Silverite' Transitional C-Melody

Major Refacing

A uniquely, ultra rare Dukoff mouthpiece that matches all the design measurements for a C-Melody mouthpiece.  It was really tricky on arrival and it sent me into heavy research. To my knowledge, thus far, this is what I've come up with; but I'm open to hearing your thoughts if you know someone more too. On arrival the tip was crooked, and bad. The curve was messed up, not original; and the tooth pad needed fully filled in. In confusion, I followed more of an alto curve to get to to a test point. ***Plenty of work to finish. This was left in the 'test mode' cosmetics.

The WWS Custom CH6

Chinese Curve Inspection - Major Experiment

Here is an example of one of those cheap ebay mouthpieces direct from China. With continued thanks to Bob's mentorship, I was able to address this project long ago. The mouthpiece's facing was a wreck! After I addressed the main issues, the mouthpiece came alive. A brass mpc with gold plating over silver. quite the example mouthpiece here: it is one of those $60 Chinese mouthpieces BUT it arrived with the worst facing example I've seen in a long time! it was a wreck: long, crooked facing; out of level table; bad seal; ..etc!!! It arrived with a 0.072" ...addressing all those issues, I refaced it to 0.094" or equal to a dukoff D6. Oh, and I gold plated the facing repairs too. The late bullet in the baffle offers a sound that reminds me of Guardala/Berg Larsen blend to the sound.

Buescher ‘Whitehall’ Baritone

Large Chamber, High Baffle, Major Reface

A vintage hard rubber mouthpiece that is a copy of a vintage Buescher that I would approximate from the 1940s. This one had a large chamber and the original tip (needing some minor seal help) at 0.074" on arrival. Now it measures 0.102". It is an easy blower and has a big sound. It must be a unique blend because you seldom see a large chamber that remains with a high-"rollover" baffle.... if you can call it a "rollover"!

Dukoff 'BD - 7, Type A' Tenor

Refacing, Plating, Tooth Pad

From Chadd's Collection - It arrived with silver separating on the table and the corner tip has a bad seal, also a tooth groove that I had Bob Carpenter fill in to repair. It walked in Original at 0.093", but the repairs were required. I repaired/refaced it to 0.096" and silver plated the repairs and table. A superb Player! Archived Listing HERE. Looking back, I wish I would have evened out the rails... next time.

Refacing In Greater Detail

(Coming soon. Under Construction)

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