VIP Scouting

VIP Inventory List

"Will you email me when you get a ____?"

I am happy to now be able to say: YES!

You have no idea how often I get asked this question! Frankly, I just don't have the memory to be able to help everyone, or distinguish who is actually a serious buyer.

I have often struggled with how to keep so many of my clients' requests organized in my head, AND know if they were still looking for such-and-such an item. I wanted to offer a way to add you to our VIP Scout List. For those of you looking for a low cost way to gain first dibs on a sax/mouthpiece/other, this is it. For only $7.00 a month (processed with recurring payments through PayPal), you can subscribe to our list. For most vintage, rare items, I'm sure you'll agree that it's super hard to find these. This is just a low cost way for me to know that you're actually serious too.  I hope this helps you guys! ~Chadd

How to Get Started

1) Sign Up.
2) Send WWS an email to verify your specific item(s).
  • i.e. "Otto Link STM #6 Tenor Mouthpiece"
  • i.e. "Conn Wonder I Soprano"
3) WWS will reply to verify and add you to our WWS VIP Scout List.
4) Done! We will contact you. When new inventory comes in, we'll look at this list first.

Simple Policy

  • It is a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time. This is your responsibility.
  • Once you're on the list, no one can jump ahead of you in line!
  • (Example: 2 guys want "Otto Link Florida double-band #7 tenor mouthpiece". The fellow who was first on the VIP List, gets the first email from us. It's pretty simple.)
  • Only ONE item may be declared per Subscription. However, you can purchase as many as you want. Ex: #1 for [  a sax  ] and #2 for [  a mouthpiece  ]...etc.
  • Currently, money does not apply toward later purchase.


Sign Up Now!

New PayPal coding last updated January 2022


It was fun to help Bill get a pretty "Purple Logo" Yamaha 62:

"Chadd, Thanks so much for finding an alto for me. You listened to exactly what I was looking for, and how much I wanted to spend.
In addition, you put the horn in perfect playing condition, replacing pads, adjusting, etc., and all in a short period of time. Your services were all I hoped for and more!!"
   ~ William Goldwyn, Everett, WA.

For a Time-Sensitive Scout...

OPTION 2: If you are seeking a more aggressive "Scout" who constantly hunts for your desired sax/mouthpiece or with a timeline goal, you may be advised to seek a VIP Scout vs VIP Inventory List. This will require a larger deposit, roughly 25% of your expected target price with some of that non-refundable. I'm happy to discuss this in more detail based on your needs.