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Cool Stuff

Our place for memorable sax sightings...The Rare, The Cool, The Unique.
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Conn tenor pip with "hiss insert"???


A superb condition GOLD Selmer Tenor



Check out Sarge's Conn alto: "The Girls" on the Virtuoso Deluxe page.


Here is a "The Martin Tenor" #152k that has a very unique vine in the engraving!


This is the STUNNING original #184k "The Martin Tenor"



How about a Buescher Tipped Bell Bb Soprano!


Sound File: 1980 Selmer MarkVI, 1920s King Saxello, 1920s Buescher Tipped Bell
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Mark VI, Saxello, Tipped-Bell

Mark VI, Saxello, Tipped-Bell

King Saxello "Y" stand   ...FYI, Don't use them! (not safe)



King Super 20 Alto #285k Original Pads & Silver Resonators.


Sarge's Euro Selmer Mark VI tenor (He gold plated the keys) #143k.




NECK ANGLES: Buffet Super Dynaction Alto vs. Buffet S1




Buescher 400 "TH&C" alto has a "Buescher Test 4" marking! Did they make different body tubes???




A beautiful King Silversonic Super 20 Tenor #406k. One of the nicest ones I've ever seen.




One of the coolest, custom cases I've ever seen!

Yeah, I kept it for myself. (Alto, Tenor, Flute, gear, stand, mics, storage... zipper-wrapped, double handled, double SHELF!)



Here's an OTTO LINK with a WHITE tooth pad. That's Unique!

vintage Otto Link "Tone Master" 7 Tenor:






Yes, I said the super rare "7" tip!!! (keep in mind that is based on the vintage chart size: = a modern 5* Link size) It arrived in an Original Tip @ 0.085"!!! did not play well at all--facing was too long, So after leveling the table, and adjusting the curve start & end, I improved it and had to do a minor reface to 0.086".PLAYS AWESOME! It has a white tooth pad (confusing to me) but it looks original--NEAT!. These can easily demand$900.00+ at a retail listing, but I bet you'll be enticed by this one. Comes with original ligature & cap! Both are worn. "Before" photo to the right. It has a large chamber and a fantastic, vintage Link tone.

Factor in: refacing attention (+$125), silver plate repairs/mouthpiece($82), thin Gold plate ($82)to enhance the vintage look:

Item: WWS4.5S0.0S0.1221.4-0-C60

Sound File:
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Conn "stubby/shorty" soprano:


These are often seen with early era Conn Wonders, it has the original tip at 0.044", a very large round chamber and is made of hard rubber. plays really nice with a reserved tone(small tip) with nasally attributes. Fun for the quiet player.

sold Item: WWS0.00.8141.1-0



MARTIN Accessories:






Dukoff "Fluted Chamber 6*" Tenor:

another great Dukoff that is very rare and unique. It plays very nice overall and was refaced by "Marin Spivic" to an easy blowing tip measuring 0.096", Tip and rails look great. It has the medium round chamber with the classic "fluted" walls.Comes with a vintage, metal ligature.



Item: SSPT00.00.1301.3-0-2

Sound File:  Guardala brecker, Berg metal 110-3-M, Berg HR 110-1-M, Ponzol, Dukoff Fluted, King T "RAC"





Vintage silver plated, Selmer Bundy wrap ligature. Adjustable for clarinet, alto...



1979 Selmer Price List! Wow!




How about THREE King Super 20 Tenors with Full Pearls.

Serial numbers: 278k, 308k, 325k. All have something different.
(the early one is the most different)
3x King Super 20 Tenors (pearls)


Apparently Berg Larsen had a lot of "offset" stamping happen! I find this quite funny.

They couldn't even get the ligatures to stamp straight!


How about a "#1" being upside down?! That's unique!


Vintage 1924 BENNE HENTON alto:

Vintage hard rubber from 1924. It has a VERY LARGE Chamber built for Classical music. The ultra-unique beak, with steep duckbill curve, patent number "B I I" and Tip @ 0.066"--Bob Carpenter touched it (it's from his private collection). no ligature currently, ask me.

Benjamin Henton:

  • Sousa Band Soloist 1919-1920.
  • The first recorded playing of altissimo on sax in 1911! (info cited here: CLICK )

Item:WWS-Bob's Collection


Sarge's ol' LeBlanc Rationale Tenor

One of the noticeable things was the neck design! Check these NECKS out!
Neck Comparisons

Neck Comparisons

It was a monster player with a beautiful ORIGINAL CASE:

The sax had one of the LOUDEST, ROBUST tones I've ever tried across all of the famous models and eras!

Sound File: TENORs Feat: "LEBLANC": King Super 20-pearls, SML Rev. D, Leblanc System - Rationale
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Unique Music Lyre

Was this the SML stock lyre?



While this 1952 SML Rev D had a cool original package (mpc combo), I can't 100% guarantee this lyre was SML's yet. But since it was in the case, I'll leave room to find another for proof. This sax came from the Peter Ponzol collection to a friend, and then WWS helped it sell.

Unique Dukoff 1960/70s Mouthpiece

Dukoff ‘D6 – Silverite’ C-Melody, Transitional, (WWS Reface) – 0.071″
( It could also be labeled: A Nickle-Plated-Silverite Dukoff D6 Mouthpiece for C-Melody )

A uniquely, ultra rare Dukoff mouthpiece from Chadd's Collection that matches all the design measurements for a C-Melody mouthpiece.  It was really tricky on arrival and it sent me into heavy research. To my knowledge, thus far, this is what I've come up with; but I'm open to hearing your thoughts if you know someone more too.

The photo comparisons sum it up though. It contained elements from two eras of Dukoff: the Nickel Plated Brass(NPB), and the "Miami, FL" Silverite models:

  • Small bite pad (like NPB model)
  • The "Dukoff" script (like NPB model)
  • Short shank (like Silverite Alto)
  • Vertical "D6" label (like Silverite)
  • Made of Silverite
  • Nickel plating over the silverite = True Transitional! wow!

***Reed Window is a match for the length of vintage rubber C-Melody mouthpieces.

Now we did have Bob C fill in the tooth groove damage and we had to work on the facing that it arrived with (damaged, crooked) to even get this mouthpiece towards a test.

***There is still room to research this one more - changing reeds, sax sizes... etc. (Yes, I've used it on alto, tenor; swapped reeds...)

FOR SALE? - It was posted here: CLICK HERE.

Item: WWSCBP00.00.03301.8C200


Check back here in the future for more, unique additions!