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Saxophones, Mouthpieces, and Miscellaneous Items

The majority of our inventory and effort are in these two categories:


Soprano   |   Alto   |   Tenor    |   Baritone   |   Other

Specializing in Vintage Pro Saxes, we know them well. We will occasionally let a modern-pro sax come in too. It's a matter of pairing you with what you're truly seeking.


Soprano   |   Alto    |   Tenor    |   Baritone   |   Other

Mouthpieces are a huge deal! We know and love Vintage Pro Saxes & Mouthpieces. It is our goal to have & seek what you are looking for. We will occasionally feature modern mouthpieces too.

The work queue is posted on the website and is updated weekly.

Current Work Queue

Student Saxes

A small wing of WWS that was originally created to serve the local WA community. These saxes will often be recent models that are Band-Teacher-Approved with the goal to help parents' pocketbook.

MISC Items

A category for everything else: Ligatures, Caps, Necks, Cases, and beyond!  I often see some very unique pieces of history that must be claimed by the avid collector. Come check here often!

SALE Items

Our inventory rotation for the Deal Hunter in you. While I don't expect to be able to slash prices often because we try to be competitive and fair from the first listing, scan here for a few deals!


Partners - Clarinets

Clarinets for students -  This is currently for local WA residents only. Since 2014 I've been partnering with my friend, and fellow repair technician (and sax player) to offer fully-repadded clarinets.

They are all trusted brands that have been fully serviced and repadded! We send them off cleaned, with a step-up mouthpiece, and a great case. It's a combo that's pre-packaged for the parents' needs. Priced: $395-495.00

WWS Services That Matter

We take pride in our work knowing that great work adds value and joy to your playing.
  • A professional rebuild should be held in high regard!
  • A proper reface can make a mouthpiece come alive!
  • Never buy a foreign, knock-off branded saxophone!

Pro Sax Rebuilds

Our rebuilds are done with high standard and are built into many of our inventory's final cost. Specifications built to your input toward parts and pieces that shape your sound.

Mouthpiece Work

Repairs & Customization - Mouthpieces are crucial! It truly is an art to craft the tip, baffle, table and other parts of your mouthpiece to shape your personal sound.

Student Rentals

Currently for local Washington customers only, this started from my teaching passion as kids often came to class with unbranded saxes that didn't function properly.


VIP Scouting

I can help you find the sax you're really after, even if it's not in our stock. You can hire me to filter through all the many that are for sale online... AND I can filter through my client lists as I know many saxes that are unofficially available for purchase. The VIP Scout List will put you as the priority person to know about a particular item that you desire. For a minimal $5.00 monthly fee, no one else has the first crack at that item you've reserved with me.
Also, don't forget to follow the WWS FACEBOOK Page for free updates on new inventory listings!

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