Our Finest

Our Finest

Favorite Saxophones, Projects, Etc. That We Feel Honored to Share with You.


Major Restorations

Our time-intensive restorations, mostly Silver Restorations, can usually tell their own story with photos.  Due to time, effort, and often the cost, these are limited to one per year.


Elaborate engravings and some with special pearls, mostly from C.G. Conn - the true American Artisans of beauty. Come gander at: Virtuoso Deluxe, Artist, and Portrait model saxes!

Should Have Kept

Dedicated to every sax player: We all remember the one (or more) that got away! In "Things I Should Have Kept", I've documented a few saxes and mouthpieces that anchored their way into my memory.


Past Work

Memorable work and repairs that anyone would be proud of. It's great to bring classic saxes respectably close to original condition.

Chadd's Collection

A growing tribute to his mentor's; seeking out beauty and rarity, it was important to also collect things that you enjoy playing while you begin to stash things away. Some of the favorite mouthpieces were promoted into the Collection instantly.

Sarge's Collection

Sarge had a highly respectable saxophone collection of 30+ superb saxes in matching superb condition. I believe he had 33+ (mostly tenors). Nor did he lack the Mouthpiece Collection (mostly undocumented); plus 55+ ultra-rare, superb-playing mouthpieces (mostly tenors).

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"Other special treasures that passed through WWS."