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Protec Saxophone Cases

Ask how to get 10-30% Off when you purchase a WWS Inventory!

Price: $119-489.00, Variable

Ask how to get 10-30% Off when you purchase a WWS Inventory!

  • Make: Protec
  • Model:  MAX, XL, ...
  • Number:  N/A
  • Era:  2019+
  • Status: For Sale!
  • Finish: TBD, Black
  • Facing: N/A
  • Size: Variable

For over 20 years, Protec cases were the among the most highly recommended cases WWS would mention and recommend(since start of WWS)! Of course there are others - cheaper and much more expensive - however, for the best overall value and use we would often point back to Protec. They have continued to improve their designs and can even accommodate several vintage sax models!

Worldwide Sax is an Official Dealer/Distributor with Protec USA products.

If desired item/size is not listed here, please inquire as it can be considered for special order.

Our most often recommended items are the Protec XL Contoured Pro Pac as it can fit most all vintage sax models with LH bell keys for added safety (Conn, Martin, JK...). I can't help but mention that the Pro Pac is the obvious upgrade from the MAX model for strength and protection.

Get 10-30% Off when you purchase a WWS Inventory!

Suggested retail listed

Most common Case items in bold:

Soprano Soprano Pro Pac Case $179.00
Alto Rectangular MAX Case $119.00
  Rectangular Pro Pac Case (*WWS Favorite) $184.00
  XL Contoured Pro Pac Case $229.00
Tenor Contoured Pro Pac Case $229.00
  XL Contoured Pro Pac Case $259.00
Baritone Contoured Pro Pac Case $364.00
Contoured ZIP Case, Low A & Bb  $489.00

*This newer rectangle model is proving to fit even vintage Conns and Martins (Not Keilwerth) with better storage space, and for noticeably less money than the XL!

Official Authorized Dealer

Other Items That We Love:

Accessories: $14.00-$60.00

Item#: WWS0S0.0S0.04041.9-C