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Tenor, Neck: Peter Ponzol, Gold Plate

$379.00 - A gold neck for Selmer Mark VI's (replacement or supplemental). It offers a clear tone and easy response. This neck has an outside diameter of 27.55mm (27.50-.59).
Recently released from Sarge's Collection. Sarge had it as an extra neck with one of his Selmers in the past. It does show some plating wear on the tenon edge. I would also recommend this get sized to your sax by a local tech when your sax body is present. It should also get a new pad and neck cork too.

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Misc: Sax Care Kit

$15.00 - This starter kit is geared for the Alto/Tenor students we serve who are just starting out. It's built by the Prestini company with a cloth, long swap, short swab, mouthpiece brush, small brush, cork grease, and reed case.

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Soprano, Ligature: Oleg ‘The Olegature’, Gold #305-16

$89.00 - A high-end ligature for a small mouthpiece. It is a soprano (metal soprano) sizing and I even tested it to possible fit on a Selmer JAZZ Alto mouthpiece. Does not fit rubber soprano (like Selmer S80). It is in near-new condition with the box and the packing box (not photoed - with product number).
Retail New Pricing: $150.00

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