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King 1947 ‘Zephyr’ Bb Tenor, Series III, #292k

$1,499.00 - A lovely King Zephyr tenor in lacquer. Nice case. This is a very vibrant and pretty sax. The lacquer color is a deep yellow and the shine pops - see photos!
The lacquer was quick tricky on this one as some Kings had shading and poor prep from the factory. However, the proof on this one for me was the very light wear under the lacquer at a few touch points. It was very hard to see! So this one is a "very good/nice relacquer" because they preserved the engraving very well also.
PADS: are older and look like the original era. Although old, that quality was amazing!
CASE: a brand new Protec case! 

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Conn 1945 ’10M’ Bb Tenor, Silver #312k

$4,249.00 - silver Conn 10M, silver bell interior - A great era 10M seeking your love. This sax is in very good condition.
REBUILD/PADS: This sax was rebuilt by WWS in 2012 and played by a growing musician.  The setup was given our "Vintage Standard" to maintain the classic Conn sound. Also the bell interior was cleaned up and freshly silver plated at that time for the owner. The sax has a lot of life left in the pads and we can discuss that in further detail for your needs. We will look over the sax and it will leave WWS "playing excellent" for many more gigs.
CASE: original, vintage Conn case in Good/ok shape (totally functional and usable).

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Conn 1930 ‘New Wonder II – “Chu Berry”‘ Eb Alto, Gold #234k

REDUCED $2,599.00! - was $3,249.00 - Custom Rebuild with Brown Chocolate Kangaroo Pads, and Gold plated (over silver) custom over-oversized Resotech resos (Flat, with matte spun finish). ***THIS IS A LOUD ALTO SAX!*** Ser.# m234,xxx dates to 1930. Excellent condition "Chu" with nailfile G#, rolled tone holes, tuning neck, Goldwash bell, everything we love. Original gold plate and Satin gold highlights model, in very nice overall condition. Now, if you've never played a Chu, they are stunningly powerful altos...big fat sound top to bottom. Ergos are not that great, but I know a lot of players that play them in spite of the 20's design and would never switch to a Selmer. I will repad it, with a Conn-style, french standard repad. Pairing an original old Conn case to go with it.

Item #: WWS5.0S0.411.6-C16

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Selmer 1998 ‘Super Action 80 – Series III’ Bb Soprano, #572,xxx

Massive reduction! NOW $4,249.00 - (On Consignment: plays excellent) A like-new condition sax that is priced lower than all other "new" models! It was originally bought by a clarinet player: "The sax has about 10 hours of playing time on it, and has lived in the closet." He and I agree; it's time to find the next musician to love this instrument. There's not much to say about these saxes; they sell themselves. It comes with a Selmer C* rubber mouthpiece and two necks, curved and straight.
CASE: Original, in excellent condition. Black felt wrap-bag included.
PADS: Original, like-new, metal resonators. Item #:WWS0W0.451.7-DSConsignment

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Selmer 2005 ‘Super Action 80 – Series III’ Eb Alto, #648k (Archived)

SOLD - A gorgeous Selmer "Super Action 80 - Series III". By it's beauty you can see that it was well-loved and cared for. It is the no-engraving model. This was adult-owned (!) by a local player/band teacher. Thus, Why is he selling it? - his ears are being drawn to another maker. I played on a SA80ii for 10 years and can tell you that this horn can do everything you need it to. Only negative to mention: some dent repair in the neck wall. I made the photo of this purposely look bad in the light so that you could see it (it hides at different angles). There are very very minor scratches too. 

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Selmer 1969 ‘Mark VI’ Bb Tenor, #167k

$6,799.00 - Another pretty Mark VI. Unique rear engraving & Ser #167k, ORIGINAL FINISH at 92%, with 50% original pads. It is a "Euro" model with such engraving, however no high F#. Kept mostly in the closest by the current owner (his backup sax... yea, you heard that right!). It a gorgeous example that I know you'd be proud to call your own. Blue ink "S" in good condition, and serial number etched inside the neck which is typical for many Euro models (not outside). For such a pretty horn, there was area to mention: the rear body tube shows the scratches and wear in the middle, the metal thumbhook had been pushed into the body slightly, and there is wear below that near the serial number. Otherwise, the sax is very very clean.
CASE: The original case is in excellent condition also, inside and out. The latches are firm and strong. 
PADS: Currently being listed and sold 'as is'. The upper stack pads (G and up, & palm keys) look like they have been changed in the last 15 years. The lower pads pads all look like factory originals. All pads have plastic resonators.

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