The mouthpiece got here today. thanks for unbelievably fast service. It caught me off guard when you asked what i liked about website, so after having time to think, here it is.

1) I like bargain basement section cause that's what i can afford in the moment. tired of waiting for end of bidding on e-bay, just to find that i've been outbid.

2) Your excellent communication on a low priced item has won you a return customer to website.

3) Rapid shipping/delivery sealed the deal.

4) Sheer number of vintage items on one website is attractive to vintage hunter like myself.


Your website will be my first stop in future shopping.

Thanks again,


September 11, 2013

Steve from Virginia, USA just ordered a tenor mouthpiece that was not a huge name but it was huge player with a super low price. I'm glad I could help him acquire it for his needs. I also asked him what he liked about the website when we were on the phone. Here was his follow-up. Thanks, Steve, Come again.

Steve B - Custom Mouthpiece - Virgina USA,