Berg Larsen ‘110-0-M’ Tenor, 1970s Straightbill – 0.112″ (Archived)

Berg Larsen 110-0-M Tenor mouthpiece

Price: SOLD

  • Make: Berg Larsen
  • Model:   Straightbill
  • Number: 110-0-M
  • Era:  1970s-80s
  • Status: SOLD
  • Ligature: Yes
  • Facing:  Original
  • Tip-Size:  0.112"

Nice Berg with a desired tip. Bullet chamber and huge tone; horizontal table markings make it from the 70s/80s. Made of stainless steel.

I think the cap is a newer, replacement cap but the ligature looks original.

Sound File on this mouthpiece:
  1. 1.

Item: WWS0W0.0W0.06071.9-C0