Holton 1930 ‘Rudy Wiedoeft’ Eb Alto, Silver #39k (Archived)

Frank Holton 1930 'Rudy Wiedoeft' Alto

Price: SOLD
  • Year: 1928-32~
  • Make: Frank Holton
  • Model: Rudy Wiedoeft (RW)
  • Status:  Sold!
  • Finish: Original Silver
  • Serial Number: 39,17x

A collector's joy and diamond-in-the-rough alto! I am so tempted to keep this one for myself. It has trill keys, unique venting, neck tuning adjustment, and more! The Frank Holton Company operated in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, USA. The "RW" model is one of the more popular.  The serial numbers on the Holton saxes can be misleading online; but study the added features, left side bell keys(a 1930s sax-common change), and you'll see that the timing on this is correct. The RW model is considered the last professionally made sax from Holton. This sax features:
--C1 venting
--G# trill
--Eb trill
--Eb3 trill
--Neck tuning adjuster

FINISH: Original silver plate, in excellent 90%+ condition

SOUND: Sweet, vintage, ... more to come here...

Current pad setup on arrival was a rivet, no reso. The tone was restricted. It plays well enough to hear the sweet tone, but I think that you'd really fall in love with this sax with a fresh WWS Rebuild and pads chosen for your preferences.

***WWS Rebuild included at the listed price.***


Item #:WWS2.5S0.00.521.7-0