Jupiter ‘Capital Edition, Model CES-760’ Eb Alto, #J10,62x(Archived)

Jupiter Capital Edition Alto

Price: SOLD
  • Year: ~2012
  • Make: Jupiter
  • Model: Capital Edition
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Lacquer body, nickel keys, silver neck
  • Serial Number: J10,62x

I like these as a good "all round" starter sax (one of a few that meet this). Great Ergos, High F# key, silver neck, nice original hard case. Made in Taiwan, Model CES-760. These models are newer to the market, my guess, since 2005 or so. This one looks like it was used for only 2-6 years. Silver necks add a clarity/resonance boost to the tone.

PADS: in great original condition. I changed 2 pads & adjusted it throughout.

Cosmetic Rating: 7.0 -- Nice

***All Student saxes come with a Case & Mouthpiece (minimum). Often there are other accessories in the case that go with the sax (cleaning supplies, wipes, reed cases, swabs, yarn stuffers...etc.). Reeds are sold separately.***

Item #:WWS2.8E0.0E0.01172.0