Keilwerth 1964 ‘[Tone King] – Selmer MAJOR’ Eb Alto, #51k (Archived)

1960s Keilwerth [Tone King], stenciled:

"Major by Selmer, Düsseldorf"

Price: SOLD
  • Year:  1964-65
  • Make:  Keilwerth
  • Model: Selmer "Mayor", [Tone King]
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Original
  • Serial Number: 51,0xx

A pro sax that is hidden by the other popular name on the bell. But the key guard design, and the plastic pants guard, serial stamping, and keywork will label it as a full-blooded Julius Keilwerth sax. All JK Stencils has the high-quality metal from JK. And to my knowledge, there is no bad-JK-stencil. The original finish is in good shape overall; the photos show the wear. This is the TONE KING model design, and the early era with Rolled Tone Holes. I believe the dating would call this a Series IV (era, serial range, sheet metal guards, RTHs, no F#). Interestingly enough, these were marketed as students saxes. These will slaughter a modern student sax in tone-tone-and more tone.

SOUND: These are still in the "vintage" category for tone, but actually these JKs carry more brightness and treble that I want to expect or admit. They are not like their Tenor brothers who are meaty and dark.) The altos have 'spunk' in the tone; 'kick' you might say.

REBUILD: I'd like to sell this with a full rebuild, and set it up to your specifications because it is playing on the original pad setup and it beginning to show age beyond what will be enjoyable. Let's discuss what you'd like; otherwise, I can put the JK Standard setup on it: seamless-domed, nickel resonators, on tan pads.

CASE: original case in pretty worn condition. I haven't given up saving it for use; but I am leaving the option to upgrade the case to a new one (the price would jump up also, at cost). Protec XL model recommended.

Sound Files .... none, sorry.


Item#: WWS2.7E0.0E0.8151.7-0