Martin 1953 ‘The Martin Tenor’ Bb Tenor, #184,70x (Archived)

1953 "The Martin Tenor"

Price: SOLD
  • Year:  1953
  • Make:  Martin
  • Model: "The Martin Tenor"/Committee 3
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish: Relacquered
  • Serial Number: 184,709

(On Consignment - Plays OK, tune-up included.)

This sax is your "player", not the "looker". The tone is crisp, clear and powerful! It has a relacquered finish, some signs of resolder repairs. Notables, but not deal-breakers, are the thumb hook replacement, and the rollers that also have some replacements. It has matching serial number on the neck and minor pings on the back bow.

PADS: used. tan pads with plastic resos.

CASE: upgraded Hiscox case! (+$300)

Martin Sound Files for you to enjoy:
  1. 1.
    TENORs-4x_Conn Chu New Wonder II #243k, Keilwerth Tone King #37k-Plastic wF#, The Martin Tenor #166k, Conn 10M #H42k, on an early Berg 105 boat tail, Sound File 10-2017
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
    Tenors file: Selmer MKVI vs. Martin Comm 2 vs. Martin Comm 3
  5. 5.
    TENORx2-MPCx2--VIvsTMT, D7vs4starOtt
  6. 6.

Item #:WWSConSS1S1.2S0.01132.1-C10