Meyer ‘Meyer Bros New York – 5M’ Alto, 1940s – 0.069″ (Archived)

 Vintage Meyer 5M "Meyer Bros" Alto

Top 5 mouthpiece of all time!

Price: $2,399.00....
  • Make: Meyer
  • Model: Meyer Bros New York
  • Number:  5M
  • Era:  1948-50s
  • Status: SOLD
  • Ligature: No
  • Facing: Original
  • Tip-Size: 0.069"

(OFF-SITE Consignment - Mouthpiece is currently located in United Kingdom)
WWS will help guarantee item to be amazing and as described as we originally sold this to the client several years ago. You will not be disappointed. Original photos:

There is nothing I will attempt to add to the pedigree except to remind you that the legends like Cannonball Adderley and Sonny Stitt hand-picked them. If you've never played a Meyer Bros mouthpiece, yes, there really is something special in the tone. It will make you turn your head with joy.

SHIPPING: We should expect to counsel on the best methods. I can only mention that a few years ago required the most expensive USPS Global shipping method to get the insurance value correct - it shipped in 2 days for $90, fully insured(at that time).

Sound Files on Meyer Bros?

Track 1) sorry, I only have Meyer Bros with a tip at 0.085" (not 0.080", it was an 0.085", I misspoke)

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