Otto Link ‘Tone Master – 5’ Tenor, 1940s (WWS Reface) – 0.085″ (Archived)

Otto Link "Tone Master" #5 Tenor Mouthpiece

Price: SOLD
  • Make: Otto Link
  • Model:  Tone Master
  • Number:  5
  • Era:  1940s
  • Status: SOLD
  • Ligature: Yes, original
  • Facing: WWS
  • Tip-Size:  0.085" (or 5*)

A #5 Tone Master tenor mouthpiece with original ligature - both at about 15% original plating on arrival. This mouthpiece has serial # K72 on it. It arrived with the tip at the original 0.080" tip size and the tip and rails are in good shape but they were uneven on one side. This was addressed in a reface and now the tip sits at 0.085".

TONE: Known for huge tone/resonance, "vintage smoke", Dexter Gordon all day. Evenness and sultry. These mouthpieces are known for ....vintage greatness.

I know you'll want to try this one.

***PHOTOS are polished bare brass - Plating available for discussion/pending. silver and gold plating are included in the $799 list price.

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Item#: WWS00.00.3131.8-C0